Legal successor to the Kazakh leading architecture and civil engineering academy and the Kazakh-American University
An applicant is a future diligent student, that is, a talented graduate and a successful professional!


Dear Applicants!
We invite you to choose the IЕC for education at the leading university of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of architecture, design, construction, economics and management. Tens of thousands of graduates have come out of the academy, many of whom are well-known specialists, hold senior positions in the civil service, in large companies and organizations, or run their own companies.
The teaching staff are well-known specialists in their field in the Republic and abroad, scientists, creators of scientific schools and directions.

Admission rules and list of documents
List of Documents Required at the Times of Admission
Acceptance of applications for full-time education
June 20 to August 25

Acceptance of applications for creative groups of educational programs
From June 20 to July 7

Entrance creative exams
From July 8 to July 13

Application for participation in the state grant competition
From July 13 to July 20


List of documents:
1) Certificate with an appendix (original);
2) A medical certificate in form No. 075-U, a copy of the vaccination passport in form No. 063 and a photo (certificate from a narcological dispensary and a neuropsychiatric dispensary - you can order the service online with;
3) Photo Zx4-6 pcs. (as well as 1 JPG photo on an electronic medium);
4) A copy of the identity card (6 pcs.);
5) A copy of the parents' identity card;
6) A certificate of attribution for young men (copy);
7) UNT certificate;
8) Certificate from the place of work for applicants for distance learning (DOT).

Admission Committee

  • Abdillayeva Farida
    Executive Secretary of the Admissions Committee
  • Telegina Galina
    Technical Secretary
  • Urazbaeva Aigerim
    Technical Secretary
  • Nurbayeva Kymbat
    Technical Secretary
  • Sagat Aizhan
    Technical Secretary

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