Legal successor to the Kazakh leading architecture and civil engineering academy and the Kazakh-American University
The professional study program of postgraduate education with a standard period of study of 2 years (scientific-pedagogical direction); 1.5 years (profile direction) with the award of an academic degree of Master of Arts in Architecture.

Tuition fees — 950 000 KZT


What will you learn?
Professional competencies
  • Skills of transmitting scientific information using modern information and innovative technologies
  • Ability to independently comprehensively and critically analyze modern trends, concepts and paradigms in architecture, trends and patterns of architecture development, draw conclusions, argue them; professionally present research results and present them in the form of scientific publications and presentations
  • The ability to use innovative technologies and modern design and production processes of the architectural and construction complex in practical and educational and pedagogical activities, to carry out the expertise of scientific projects and research
  • Ability to carry out scientific and managerial activities in research and production centers, research institutes, design organizations and educational institutions
  • Possession of knowledge about the main trends of globalization in the modern world, about the directions in the development of architecture reflecting global and regional trends
  • Skills of implementing the results of scientific research into project practice and documentation to ensure the protection of intellectual property rights to scientific discoveries and developments in the field of architecture and urban planning within the framework of the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • The ability to use the principles of architectural heritage through conceptual rethinking, to identify the foundations of Kazakhstan's identity in the formation and development of the architectural and urban environment

How to enroll in this educational program

Take comprehensive subject tests: 
  • foreign language of choice (max-50/min 25) (if there is a certificate, 50 points are awarded)
  • TRL (max-30/min7)
  • Architectural typology (max-30/min 7)
  • Fundamentals of urban planning (max-40/min 7)
Submit documents to the IEC admissions office
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