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Calculation and design of buildings and structures is a branch of construction, specialised mainly in the calculation and design and construction of civil and industrial facilities.
Graduates of the study programme can carry out production-management, design, production-technological, research and development activities.

Tuition fees — from 750 000 KZT

Calculation and design of buildings and structures

What will you learn?
Professional competencies
  • Develop projects for reconstruction, development, and planning of urban and rural settlements, residential areas and micro districts, industrial structures, transport systems
  • Erect new buildings and structures, namely: carry out geological breakdowns of buildings on the ground, erection of the foundation, frame, walls, roof, from the real estate sphere, real estate breakdown of the building on the ground, lay the foundation, raise the frame and walls, install the roof, organize finishing work
  • Design, erect, carry out further installation, start-up, maintenance, and repair of heat and gas supply, heating, ventilation, water supply, and sewerage systems
  • Create projects and control further construction, adjustment, and reconstruction of hydraulic structures, namely: dams, dams, reservoirs, locks, tunnels, canals and pumping stations, buildings of hydroelectric power plants
  • Conduct a survey and construction expert on the safety of various structures
  • Perform work on the reconstruction of buildings, structures, and objects of historical and cultural heritage
  • Use and customize machines and equipment that are used in the construction and production of building materials and structures
  • Carry out an inventory (check the technical condition, value) of real estate objects
Career opportunities
  • Construction engineer
  • Engineer of the production and technical department
  • Design engineer
  • Quality engineer
  • Engineer for technical supervision of construction
  • Commissioning and testing engineer
  • Project manager
  • Head of the shop (section)

How to enroll in this educational program?

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Urban planning building work and civil engineering