Legal successor to the Kazakh leading architecture and civil engineering academy and the Kazakh-American University
Creative exams for the group of educational programs "Architecture" and "Design" (additional creative exams) are held as a profiling exam, which consists of two parts:
Creative exams in "Painting" and "Drawing" are held with the aim of identifying and selecting creatively gifted applicants who are able to study in the groups of educational programs "Architecture" and "Design" and the predisposition of applicants to mastering the profession.

The creative exam helps to identify the degree of preparedness of the applicant and his awareness in choosing a profession. This competition evaluates the ability to convey the volume and shape of the model, light-air perspective and space, the character and proportions of the object, the use of tone, volumetric-spatial thinking, etc.

⦁ In the Painting exam, you cannot use a piece of paper or other objects as a ruler.
⦁ Each exam will take place on a different day. The examinations will be divided into streams. The date of passing the exams and detailed information will be known after the submission of the documents.
⦁ You do not need a stamp on the Draft exam. You only need to draw a frame.
⦁ These entrance examinations for applicants to the OP B073 - Architecture and B031 - Fashion, design groups.
⦁ Creative exams cannot be taken in two EP groups.
⦁ If you passed the UNT in 5 subjects, the points of two subjects will be taken into account: History of Kazakhstan and Reading Literacy;
⦁ KazGASA has preparatory courses for creative exams.
For applicants to the EP groups:
B031- Fashion, design
The first entrance exam in Drawing
The object of drawing is the capital of the ancient Greek order. The duration of the exam is 4 hours. Drawing is done in A3 format using lines and strokes in compliance with certain rules and methods of drawing. The applicant must have: pencils of different hardness.
The drawing of the capital must meet the following requirements:
1 - correct compositional placement of the drawing on the sheet;
2 - correct linear perspective image of the capital;
3 - correct constructive construction of the capital;
4 - the correct solution of the proportional ratio of the capitals;
5 - shading of light and shadow (to reveal the volume of the object's body).
Passing points (min - 5, max - 45)
for applicants to the EP groups:
B031- Fashion, design
The second entrance exam in Drawing
The applicant must have: pencils of hardness 2-H, 3-H, HB, the following drawing tools: ruler, gons with angles of 30, 60 and 45 degrees, eraser, compass, meter. The exam aims to reveal the applicants' ability to spatial imagination and elementary drawing skills. The exam lasts 3 hours. For two types, build a third view (the view on the left), make the necessary cuts, put down the dimensions. Construct a rectangular isometric projection with a cutout.
Passing points (min - 5, max - 45)