Legal successor to the Kazakh leading architecture and civil engineering academy and the Kazakh-American University
The professional training program of postgraduate education with a standard period of study of 2 years (scientific-pedagogical direction); 1.5 years (profile direction) with the awarding of an academic degree of Master of Arts in Art History in the specialty "Design".

Tuition fees — 950 000 KZT


What will you learn?
Professional competencies
  • The ability to contribute to their own original research in the field under study, which may deserve publication at the national or international level; the ability to communicate their knowledge and achievements to colleagues, the scientific community, and the general public
  • The ability to conduct research in the humanities and design fields based on modern techniques
  • Knowledge of the specifics of the interrelationships of research methods belonging to various humanities disciplines and using them effectively
  • Knowledge of the achievements of the world and Kazakh science in solving global and regional cultural problems, the main methods of solving global and regional cultural problems
  • Proficiency in professional terminology in the field under study and a high level of foreign language proficiency in scientific communication and international cooperation
  • Ability to demonstrate a thorough contemporary knowledge of art theory, history of Kazakhstani design, design theory, theory of the environmental organization of space, social anthropology, theoretical culturology, and global regional issues in the field of study
  • Knowledge of the characteristics of leading design concepts, current trends, patterns, and trends in design theory in the field of study

How to enroll in this educational program

Pass CT in subjects: :
  • foreign language of choice (max-50/min 25) (if there is a certificate, 50 points are awarded)
  • TGO (max-30/min7)
  • Clausura (max-30/min 7)
  • Report (max-40/min 7)
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