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The educational program "Design of wood products" prepares specialists with knowledge, skills, skills and competencies in the design and development of design of furniture and wooden houses, including the possession of computer-aided design systems, as well as technologies of wood processing industries.

Tuition fees — from 750 000 KZT

Design of wood products

What will you learn?
Professional competencies
  • Determine ways and directions for improving the designs of wood products
  • Develop design documentation for wood products, prepare documentation for certification of such products
  • To develop design projects of wood products for functional areas of residential and public premises
  • Prepare technical documentation for tenders, carry out the expertise of tender materials and consultations of project customers on these materials
  • Organize and conduct quality control of products
  • Apply CAD tools and computer technology
  • Create information bases for analogue objects, electronic libraries, and databases of wood products
Career opportunities
  • Design engineer
  • Furniture designer
  • Specialist in interior furnishing
  • Engineer-designer of wooden houses

How to enroll in this educational program?

Take the UNT, elective subjects - Math and Physics
Submit documents to the IEC admissions office
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Technology of woodworking and wood products
Рroduction of materials (glass, paper, plastic, wood)
Urban planning. building work and civil engineering