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Distance education
Online education - trend of the present

The IEC provides training for bachelors using distance learning technologies (DLT) training in the following groups educational programs:

- В031 - Fashion, design;
- В036 - Translation Studies;
- В040 - Political Science and Citizenship;
- В042 - Journalism and reporting;
- В044 - Management and management;
- В045 - Audit and taxation;
- В046 - Finance, economics, banking and insurance;
- В049 - Law;
- В059 - Communications and communication technologies;
- В069 - Production of materials (glass, paper, plastic, wood);
- В073 - Architecture;
- В074 - Urban planning, construction works and civil engineering;
- В075 - Cadastre and land management;
- В091 - Tourism.

Pros of distance learning

Studying remotely, you can gain knowledge from anywhere in the world.

For people who prefer to live in a non-standard schedule, remote
learning can become
a real find

Saving money and time
An important advantage of distance learning is its relatively low cost.

Specific knowledge
Distance learning gives a person a specific set of knowledge and skills.
You get exactly what you pay for.

Relevance of knowledge
Today, a person who has studied a specific course remotely is in a winning
position. He has a better chance of applying knowledge in practice than someone who for years
studied at the university abstract subjects inapplicable in real life.
Distance technologies are one of the promising innovative directions in education, the implementation of which is part of the "Strategy" Kazakhstan - 2050 "- a new political course of the established state". The State Program for the Development of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2011-2020 considers distance technologies as one of the effective tools that provide opportunities for lifelong learning.
In the IOC, the organization of the educational process in distance educational technologies is carried out on the basis of the Regulations on DLT, which determines the procedure for organizing and implementing the educational process in distance educational technologies in accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated July 23, 2015 No. 578 "On approval of the Rules for organizing the educational process on distance educational technologies "and by the order of the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 137 of March 20, 2015" On approval of the Rules for organizing the educational process in distance educational technologies "(as amended as of June 5, 2019).
Since the beginning of 2014, the International Educational Corporation has opened the Modular Object Oriented Digital Learning Environment (IS MOODLE) portal of distance education - a modular object-oriented dynamic learning environment. Mood1e is a Content Management System CMS, focused on organizing interaction between tutors and students, as well as for organizing traditional distance courses.
On the portals,, users have access to educational materials on subjects of higher education, complete assignments, undergo trial testing, and receive advice.
For training with the use of DE, persons can be enrolled:
1) for reduced educational programs based on technical and vocational, post-secondary and higher education;
2) who are persons with disabilities, including disabled children, invalids of I and II groups at all levels of education;
3) those who left the state on exchange programs for students at the level of higher education, with the exception of the Bolashak scholarship holders;
4) called up for military service, at the level of higher education;
5) who are on a long business trip abroad (more than 4 months) at the level of higher education;
Persons who have expressed a desire to study in DOT write an application addressed to the IOC rector with the provision of supporting documents:
Applications are considered within five calendar days. An order to enroll a student in the IEC for training with the use of DE is drawn up within two calendar days.

For all questions of the educational portal, contact:

tel: 220-81-03 (1129 и 1128)