Legal successor to the Kazakh leading architecture and civil engineering academy and the Kazakh-American University
Brief history of the Faculty
KAU is a unique institution synthesizing the best traditions of the Soviet and American educational systems. The idea to create a university based on the synthesis of programs of American and Kazakh universities under contracts belonged to Amirlan Aidarbekovich Kusainov, the founder and President of KAU, since in 1997 the only university teaching in English was KIMEP, which at that time did not have a bachelor's degree.
Full history of the Faculty
KAU is a unique institution that synthesizes the best traditions of the Soviet and American educational systems. The idea to create a university based on a synthesis of American and Kazakhstani university contract programmes belonged to Amirlan Aidarbekovich Kussainov, the founder and President of KAU, as in 1997 the only university teaching in English was KIMEP, which at the time had no undergraduate degree.

September 12, 1997 - formation of Kazakh-American University. University was originally housed in a building on Panfilov Street, corner of Gogol, on 180 square metres, provided by the Rakhat joint venture.

Since the foundation of KAU, elements of the credit system have been present in the teaching process. In March 1998, the school received a state license (#0088286), and in September of the same year, 173 students started studying at the school. June 1998 - first graduation of the KAU. The ceremony was attended by Kazakhstani officials and guests from various countries. KAU was the first university that introduced so-called 'comments', monthly school and university reports on the progress and behavior of students to their parents. At the same time, the university began to conduct a feedback survey of students on the quality of teaching of each lecturer.

Kazakh-American University is experiencing its formation and development together with its homeland. The year 2016 was marked by the solemn celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan. For Kazakh-American University, 2017 is the year of its 20th anniversary. The fate of the university is inextricably linked to the incredible progress of the Republic of Kazakhstan in all areas of its development. The idea to create a university-based on a synthesis of American and Kazakhstani university programs belonged to Amirlan Aidarbekovich Kussainov - the founder and President of KAU.

KAU actively introduces new systemic, technological, managerial and social programmes. Since 1997, the university was one of the first universities in Kazakhstan to implement the process of separation of students' learning and control (assessment) of their knowledge; multi-point letter system of training level; innovative system of remuneration; Hand-outs (active handouts); the concept of trilingualism in learning; universal criteria for a comprehensive assessment of language knowledge; trilingual glossary; protection of diploma projects (papers) in English.

The young university, learning from the experience of American partner universities, back in the early 2000s established and introduced into its organizational structure a Board of Trustees; a Customer Council and Specialty Expert Commission; a Laboratory of Educology; and an Alumni Association. The experience of the Kazakh-American University was taken into account in drafting the Rules of Credit System of Study, approved by order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2005. Each year KAU establishes more than 200 Scholarships for gifted students from low-income families using its own funds. A School was opened as part of the University in 1998, and in 1999 the Almaty College of Communications (ACC at KAU) became part of the University.

The Baccalaureate is divided into three main faculties Faculty of General Education and Humanities, Faculty of Economics and Law, Faculty of Applied Sciences. These faculties are divided into general humanities, economics and applied areas. At present, KAU has 10 active EP areas (general education programmes): Journalism, Tourism, Law, International Relations, Radio Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications, Translation, Finance, Economics, Accounting and Audit.

Training of qualified financial professionals who understand trends in financial markets are able to manage financial resources competently, successfully invest money in various projects, analyse risks and regulate financial relations.

Programme features:
Form of study: full-time/reduced based on technical and vocational secondary education/reduced on higher education/distance learning
Duration of study: 4 years/ 3 years/ 2 years/ 3 years
Language of instruction: Kazakh, English, Russian
Credit: 240/2400 kr/hour

Area of professional activity:
Financial manager;
Financial analyst; 
Tax manager; 
Bank officers;
Brokers and dealers;
Insurance agents;
Investment and credit managers;
Specialist controlling officers;
Risk managers;
Objects of professional activity:
Ministry of Finance of RK, Ministry of Economy and Budget Planning of RK;
National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
Financial services of ministries and agencies;
Financial organisations: banks, insurance, pension, mortgage and leasing companies, budget institutions and organisations, investment funds;
Financial services of enterprises, economic courts;
Research organisations.

Specialities of the educational programme:
Corporate lawyer (one of the key figures in business, always located (on the front line) in the centre of the conflict, responsible for ensuring the legal integrity of the business);
Legal conflict mediator (pre-trial resolution of conflicts by legal means);
Law enforcement and law enforcement (protection of legal rights and interests of citizens and legal entities).

Our up-to-date and exclusive specialist courses will help you to become a sought-after specialist in a competitive environment:
Civil law;   
Criminal law;   
Forensic Expertise;   
Customs Law;   
Labour law; Family law; Criminal law; Criminal procedure; Customs law; Labour law;   
Family law; Land law; Criminal law; Customs law; Labour law; Family law;   
Land Law; Business Law; Family Law;   
Business Law; Intellectual Property Law, etc;   
Intellectual Property Law, etc.  
During their studies, students have the opportunity to take part in research activities within student clubs and classes. 
Numerous interactive events on various legal issues are organized on a regular basis: forensic experiments, show trials in civil and criminal cases, investigative experiments, show confrontations.

Club members repeatedly win prizes in various competitions and Olympiads. The educational programme includes a compulsory work placement, and students can try their hand at leading businesses. More than 80% of graduates are employed after graduation.

  • Our graduates work:
  • The Office of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • The Constitutional Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Courts;
  • Prosecutor's Office;
  • Internal Affairs Bodies;
  • Agency for State Service and Prevention of Corruption;
  • Notary Public; Offices of Advocates;
  • Law Chambers; Law Offices;
  • Legal Departments;
  • Bodies of justice;
  • National Security Committee;
  • Military police; 
  • Legal departments of government agencies, corporations and NGOs;
  • Law enforcement agencies;
  • Legal agencies; Analytical and training centres;
  • International organisations.

The university has all the conditions for comfortable learning: academic buildings equipped with modern equipment, Wi-Fi zone, there are canteens, cafeteria, library, sports complex, football fields, conference halls, assembly hall and much more.

Law students take part in start-up competitions, debates, "Funny and Resourceful Club", sports competitions, contests and festivals - this is what makes studying at the university so memorable.

Students have the opportunity to gain practical experience in the "Crawd Lab" legal clinic, a student business structure established on the basis of the Kazakh-American University for the purpose of legal assistance and improvement of legal literacy of the population and formation of students' legal assistance skills in both remote access and face-to-face communication.

Teaching staff

Galym Teleuev 
PhD, Dean of the KAU campus
Tel./fax: +7 (727) 220-80-66
Sanam Mirzalieva 
Candidate of Sciences, Associate Professor
Elmira Ibraeva 
Doctor of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor
Nurlan Nurseit 
Doctor of Science, Associate Professor
Zhanar Takenova
Registrar, Master of Economic Sciences
Tel./fax: +7 (727) 220-80-64 int.1009
Aigerim Rustemova
Candidate of Sciences, Associate Professor
Aizhan Rysaldieva 
PHD, Associate Professor
Badyrkhan  Kayev 
Master of Science, Assistant Professor
Аkbalayeva Zhanat Kelzhanovna
Advisor of the educational program "Translation business", Associate Professor
Kulyaikhan Taichikova
Advisor of the International Relations Educational Program, Associate Professor
Almazhan Seytzhaparova 
Advisor of the educational program "Tourism", Associate Professor
Natalia Tagviashvili 
Advisor of the educational program "Journalism", Associate Professor
Araylym Toksanbekova 
Chairman of the Methodological Council of the Faculty at KAU, Assistant Professor
Meiriban Gusenova 
Vice Dean of Faculty at KAU, Assistant Professor
Nurlan Begaliev
Ph.D. in Philosophy, Associate Professor