Legal successor to the Kazakh leading architecture and civil engineering academy and the Kazakh-American University
IEC aims to increase the number of foreign students
Orientation for international students
The IЕC strives to ensure that all foreign students have a positive experience during their studies and get the most out of life in Almaty. Students from different countries of the near and far abroad study at the IЕC. We offer a wide range of support and services to international students, we will provide all the information that is necessary for registration of arrival in Almaty. We also guarantee assistance in adapting to the IOC and in arranging accommodation in Almaty upon arrival.
As one of the best and most famous educational institutions in Kazakhstan, the IЕC is an ideal launching pad for your career. Our graduates are in demand in the labor market, have Soft Skills. The IЕC Practice and Career Center helps students at all stages of their career planning. It offers a special employment program. CPC provides individual career advice and maintains a database of internships and job listings.
Accommodation in Almaty
For information on how to get settled in Almaty, for example, about opening bank accounts, setting up phones and the Internet, you can contact the Student Adaptation Service (SAS).
According to The Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan, every foreign citizen and stateless person upon entry into the Republic of Kazakhstan is obliged to obtain and fill out a migration card. The migration card is filled in by a foreign citizen personally - legibly, without corrections, in Russian. If a foreign citizen does not speak Russian, it is allowed for him to fill in information about himself with letters of the Latin alphabet in accordance with the data specified in the passport or other identity document. The migration card is filled in for every foreign citizen, regardless of age. In the item "Purpose of arrival in the Republic of Kazakhstan" it is necessary to specify: study.
  1. A foreign citizen from far abroad can enter Kazakhstan and study at the IOC only on a study visa. The invitation is issued by the international department of the IEC in advance. The deadline for submitting the necessary documents to the international department is no later than 45 days before the intended entry into the country.
  2. A foreign student must be registered for migration within five days after arrival in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  3. To extend registration, a foreign student must contact the International Department 5 days before the registration deadline (if registration ends on September 01, the student must apply on August 25).
  4. Within 1 working day from the moment of crossing the border of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a foreign student is obliged to apply to the International Department and provide the following documents:
a) National passport (in the original);
b) Migration card with a border crossing mark (original + copy);
5. Students should inform the staff of the International Department in a timely manner about all changes concerning the place of residence, contact information, status changes (obtaining a temporary residence permit, residence permit, citizenship of the Republic of Kazakhstan).
Foreign students are not entitled to work in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. According to the Code of Administrative Offences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the untimely appeal of a foreign citizen regarding migration registration is an administrative offense and is subject to a fine. In case of loss of documents, we ask you to inform the staff of the International Department immediately.
We kindly ask foreign students not to leave Kazakhstan during the academic year unless absolutely necessary.

Contacts of the International Office of the IEC:


+7 727 2208093 (1130)