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The International Relations study program aims to prepare highly motivated personnel in the field of international relations and foreign policy with the theoretical and practical knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for their implementation in professional activities, ready to make a qualitative leap in the field of diplomacy and international relations.

Tuition fees — from 590 000 KZT

International Relations

What will you learn?
Professional competencies
  • Carry out a scientific analysis of the current state of problematic research material of the entire complex of international relations and foreign policy based on the generalization of scientific achievements of various theories, approaches, directions
  • Use classical and modern methodological principles in the organization and conduct of scientific research in various fields of international relations
  • Demonstrate the skills of analytical, expert and forecasting activities in order to study the basic patterns of processes and phenomena of an international nature
  • Analyze, process, interpret, systematize and summarize scientific information using the methodology and methods of social sciences, and observing the principles, norms and research tools of a scholar of international affairs
  • Modify, create new methods of research and applied activities in the field of scientific and professional activities
  • Apply the skills of critical analysis, the ability to overcome the formed stereotypes
Career opportunities
  • diplomat
  • international analyst
  • conflictologist
  • international journalist
  • regional expert
  • referent
  • press secretary
  • orientalist

How to enroll in this educational program?

Take the UNT, the elective subjects World History and Foreign Language
Submit documents to the IEC admissions office
Request for a free consultation
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