Legal successor to the Kazakh leading architecture and civil engineering academy and the Kazakh-American University
The educational program "Jurisprudence" is aimed at training specialists with a high level of legal culture and legal awareness, fundamental knowledge and professional competencies in the development and implementation of legal norms, ensuring the rule of law and order, legal training and education.

Cost — from 750 000 tg.


What will you learn?
Professional competencies
  • Analyze legislation, documents and other information, make legally correct decisions
  • Drafting legal documents, negotiating, representing the interests of individuals, working in a team and making management decisions
  • Have the ability to skillfully apply normative legal acts in specific areas of legal activity, to implement the norms of substantive and procedural law in professional activities
  • To perceive, analyze and implement managerial innovations in professional activity
  • Master the rhetoric, techniques and methods of public speaking, the culture of speech
Career opportunities
  • advocate
  • judge
  • notary
  • the prosecutor
  • corporate lawyer (one of the key figures in the business, is always (on the front line) in the center of the conflict, is responsible for ensuring the legal integrity of the business)
  • mediator of legal conflicts (pre-trial resolution of conflicts by legal means)
  • law enforcement and law enforcement activities (protection of the legal rights and interests of citizens and legal entities)

How to enroll in this educational program?

Pass UNT, optional subjects "World History" and "Man. Society. Right"
Submit documents to the IEC admissions office
Request for a free consultation
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