Legal successor to the Kazakh leading architecture and civil engineering academy and the Kazakh-American University
University code 022


Studying in KAU
Success story
Dual Degree Program Agreements:
Oklahoma SU, ECSU,
Morehead SU, U of Cincinnati
of ACC at KAU
KAU clinic
Establishment of KAU School;
First Student's Guide Book
in the list of Top 10 universities of humanities and economics in Kazakhstan
Becoming a part of International Educational Corporation (IEC)
MK ISO 9001:2000 International certification (Orion, USA)
Summer Work Experience (CCUSA)
Membership in AAC&U;
Winner of
best social project
First MBA
  • Boston University – CELOP;
  • Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences;
  • Minor State University;
  • Rochester Institute of Technology – Dubai;
  • Rochester Institute of Technology – New York;
  • University of California – Irvine;
  • USC Language Academy;
  • University of California – Riverside;
  • University of Toledo;
  • University of Wisconsin EAU Claire;
  • US Educational Group.
Roundtable discussion with
11 USA universities:
Model game
in the list of Top 10 universities in Kazakhstan according to University ranking by Atameken NCE (RK)
in Top 10 of RK
National Ranking University list
Educational grants
Discounts up to 100% on admission
Double Degree program
Allows students to obtain two documents of education
KAU Diploma and Partner University Diploma
International programs
Academic mobility
to foreign universities
Double degree
Exchange program
with foreign universities
Summer camp
Joint research activities and programs with foreign partner-universities
American cultural center
International partners
KAU cooperates with 117 foreign universities
Student life
League of Volunteers
Freedom wheel
Gold experience
da Vinci team
Gladiators team
President LDC
«Zhana Oy»
YouTube program is a project in the format of interviews with famous people of Kazakhstan.
"Come with us"
travel company on the basis of the IEC (KAU).
Instagram page is an additional student platform of the Kazakh-American University. Instagram page link: kau.stories
Translation agency - all types of written and oral translations in Almaty and across Kazakhstan.
The Kazakh-American University
and the Quatrum Education Company
recruits students for the preparatory courses for admission to the TOP 20 American and English universities according to the QS World University Rankings for BACHELOR and MASTER programs.
academics - GPA level of at least 3.4 at the time of graduation
Extracurricular activities and internships
Submission of documents
Passing the GRE/GMAT exam
Preparation for a master's degree
Important aspects of preparation
Preparation for IELTS or TOEFL
The number of hours per month or per week is determined by the level of English Through testing
International Educational Corporation
+7 (727) 355 10 56 +7 (800) 070 10 56
  • Kulyaikhan Taichikova

    Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor
    Author of more than 100 articles in domestic and foreign scientific journals. She was awarded departmental and state awards.
  • Natalya Tagviashvili

    Assistant Professor
    The owner of Honorary diplomas of the Akim of Almaty and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the great contribution to the development of higher education in the country and efficient work in the training of specialists.
  • Zhanat Akbalayeva

    Assistant Professor
    Author of more than 20 methodological developments and guidelines, and more than 60 articles.
  • Dana Ikapova

    Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor
    The owner of the badge "S. Altynsarin", medals "Ulagatty ustaz" for merits in the field of education.
  • Aigerim Rustemova

    Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor
    Author of more than 20 publications, guidelines, monograph, textbook.
  • Yenlik Ormakhanova

    Associate Professor, Doctor (PhD)
    Head of student projects kau.stories (Instagram), "Zhana Oy" (YouTube).
  • Botagoz Suyerkul

    Doctor of philological Sciences, Professor
    Author of more than 100 scientific works. Among them: monographs, a 15-volume dictionary of the Kazakh literary language" (2011, one of the compilers), textbooks, phrasebooks .

Outstanding Alumni

  • Kim Gennady Director and Shareholder
  • Veronika Polishchuk

    Executive Director in From June 30, 2021 to the present, Almaty
  • Kaudyrov Zhanibek Toleshovich

    Diplomat, employee of the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the UK. Since 2012 works in the system of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan
  • Yuri Odintsev

    Managing Director of Economic Initiatives Fund of Kazakhstan
  • Ernar Kabdyzhanov
    Managing Director of Atrium Alma-Ata, Almaty
  • Asan Abdraimov
    CEO of in the United company "Wheels, Roof, Market"
  • Stepan Shramko
    Chief Analytics officer Farabi University
  • Roman Nurpeissov
    Chief Corporate Council in Korea National Oil Corporation
  • Ivan Glushchenko
    Founder of the Advertising and Communication agency Watch it
  • Khvan Konstantin
    Software Developer in Xplortechnologies company, New Zealand, Auckland
Advantages of studying at KAU
  • The best quality of education that meets all standards
  • Training in Kazakh, Russian and English
  • A wide range of international programs
  • Guaranteed employment
  • A large number of state educational grants
  • The possibility of online learning
  • Bright and unforgettable student life
  • Affordable tuition fees and flexible payment terms
  • Comfortable house of students (dormitory) of Almaty city
  • Convenient location of the university
List of documents and details
The list of necessary documents for admission.
1. certificate of education with supplement (original)
2. UNT and CT (Comprehensive Testing)certificate (original);
3. Grant award certificate (if any, original);
4. Photo 3*4 (6 pieces);
5. Identity card (6 copies);
6. Individual identification number (IIN) (copies - for individuals under Age 18);
7. Identity card of parents (copies-for individuals under Age of 18);
8. Military registration card (for young men, copy);
9. Medical certificate (Form-075)+ Chest X-ray film (original)+certificate
issued by neuropsychiatric and narcology dispensaries;
10. Medical certificate (Form-063) (for individuals under Age of 18).

*documents must be available on digital electronic devices (scanned copies)