Legal successor to the Kazakh leading architecture and civil engineering academy and the Kazakh-American University
KAU Language School
Today language courses in Kazakhstan are not only a way to learn English. This is a unique opportunity to achieve your goal in a short time.
Education at the KAU Language School is intended for those wishing to develop their language skills and pass foreign language exams - TOPIC, IELTS, TOEFL, KT.

Our main goal is to teach students to speak, read and write fluently in a foreign language.

Learning English, Korean languages.

Classes are held 3 times a week with a convenient schedule
An introductory test is carried out to determine the level of language proficiency
Our advantages
  • Professional teachers.
  • Foreign teachers.
  • Convenient schedule.
  • Certificates after each level.
  • Preparation for IELTS.
  • For your own development.
Adress: 29, Toraigyrova, KAU.
Tel: +7 7476268746