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Our partners
Partnership with employers allows maintaining
a high level of employment of IEC graduates
    BAZIS-A is the largest developer in Kazakhstan, has been working in the construction market since 1991 and has the highest reputation as a leader in the construction industry.
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  • BI Group
    BI Group is the largest investment and construction holding in Kazakhstan.
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  • Basire Design Group
    Basire Design Group is a workshop that specializes in the development of interior and architectural projects, is engaged in the creation of graphic design, branding and creative advertising.
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  • CIS Group
    CIS Group is a group of companies that provide a full range of consulting services for doing business in Kazakhstan. CIS Group companies use a non-standard business model based on a flexible approach to the formation of project teams for the individual needs of each client. Thanks to the accumulated experience of working with external experts, as well as well-established internal business processes, our project teams have timely access to the most relevant knowledge and experience in almost all sectors of the economy.
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  • Kazgiprograd Design Institute LLP 1
    LLP Kazgiprograd Design Institute1 founded in 2002. The main activity chosen is the activity in the field of architecture.
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    KNAUF is an international company based on the best principles of family business and has managed to preserve these values despite the global scale of its activities. Today, the international KNAUF group is one of the largest manufacturers of building materials in the world.
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  • Almaty Bridge Construction Plant
    ABCP LLP was founded on March 26, 1963. During the existence of the USSR, the plant's products formed the basis for the construction of such large facilities as the West Siberian Oil and Gas Complex, the Bolshoy-Almaty Canal and the canal Highway, the Medeo sports complex, the railway stations of Almaty, air terminals, the Palace of the Republic, etc. and she was awarded all the honorary awards of that period. And to this day, ABCP LLP is the only plant of this profile in the entire space of Kazakhstan.
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  • Almaty Su
    The State Municipal Enterprise "Almaty Su" of the Department of Energy and Utilities has been operating since 2008.
    Today, the water supply and sanitation system of Almaty is the largest in the Republic of Kazakhstan and serves more than 1.5 million residents of the city and adjacent districts of the region. State Enterprise "Almaty Su" builds its activities on the principles of transparency, strict compliance with the requirements of current legislation and provision of equal access to water supply and sanitation services for all consumers.
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  • JSC "Imstalcon"
    The mission of JSC "Imstalcon" is to design and manufacture construction metal structures of industrial and residential-civil buildings, structures; pressure vessels; storage tanks for oil and petroleum products of any capacity; production of construction and installation works, while fulfilling the requirements of customers and the desire to exceed their expectations.
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  • Kazak zhobalau kurylys LLP
  • National Center of Geodesy and Spatial Information
    Currently, the RSE "National Center of Geodesy and Spatial Information" is unique in its production potential, the availability of highly professional specialists and technical equipment, the volume of topographic and geodetic, aerial survey and cartographic work performed.
    RSE "Kazgeodeziya" bases its activities on the principles of using advanced high-precision technologies, the complexity of performing geodetic, cartographic and aerial survey work in any volume and in the shortest possible time.
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  • JSC "Kazakh Research and Design Institute of Construction and Architecture"
  • Temirbeton-1 LLP
    Temirbeton-1 LLP today rightfully represents the largest, modern company in all indicators of certification and quality assessments, open to international competition.
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  • JSC "Remstroytechnika"
    JSC "Remstroytechnika" is a multi-profile enterprise that includes the production of Reinforced concrete products (reinforced concrete products), the manufacture of metal structures of various complexity, a Concrete mixing workshop (BSC), a certified laboratory, a warehouse of finished products.
    The company provides a full range of services from the calculation of the drawing, to manufacturing, certification and delivery to the customer.
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  • Union of Architects of the Republic of Kazakhstan
    Founded in 1936, the Union of Architects of Kazakhstan has gone a long and fruitful way. In 1992, the republican organization of the former Union of Architects of the USSR gained independence and became known as the Union of Architects of the Republic of Kazakhstan. During this period, the Union acted as one of the founders of the International Association of CIS Architects Unions (MASA), became an equal member of the International Union of Architects. Today, the Union is facing new challenges that dictate the need to solve a different range of problems, other forms of existence and organization of the Union.
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  • Elitstroy
    The group of companies "Elitstroy" is deservedly one of the leaders of the country's construction market. The company was established in 1999. During this period, she went through a difficult path: from a company that stood at the origins of the construction business and was engaged in the construction of individual houses, to a well-known participant in the construction market, erecting and building up entire blocks of tens of hectares in length.
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  • Research Institute of Building Materials and Design
    NIISTROMPROEKT LLP, founded in 1932 as the first technical institute in the Republic, is currently the main center of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of inspection and testing of building materials (civil and industrial construction, industrial engineering and road construction), quality control of construction products, development of regulatory documentation, technology of building materials, design.
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