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KAU combines the good traditions of Kazakh education with the best practices of American universities! For successful entry into the global educational space and the competitiveness of graduates in the international labor market, KAU actively uses the introduction of American standards in Kazakhstan. Students have the opportunity to receive a second diploma in a two-degree program in partnership with American, Canadian, Irish and Turkish universities.

About the Olympiad

The Olympiad "American Education Challenge" was created with the aim of attracting the most creative, smart, innovative and talented children of the country! "American Education Challenge" is an exciting competition that will boost the creativity of each participant and teach them how to generate cool ideas. Graduates of grades 11-12 of schools and colleges from all over Kazakhstan can take part in the Olympiad.

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Stages of implementation
Stage - 1
At this stage, the participant of the Olympiad should write a post: "Why do I want to enter the Kazakh-American University?" with the hashtags #Kaukz #americaneducationchallenge
Stage - 2
At this stage, the contestant must shoot a video on the topic: "What do I expect from studying at KAU?" with the hashtags #Kaukz #americaneducationchallenge
The final
The final of the Olympiad will last 7 days, where for 5 days it is planned to conduct a week-long training with the participation of a native speaker, master classes, trainings, leisure activities, educational games and excursions for the finalists of the Olympiad.
Prize fund

100% discount

For the entire period of study
10% discount
For training for all participants of the Olympiad