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Professional practice is a mandatory component of the higher education curriculum.
Practice-oriented training of students is an obligatory part of the educational process and aims to prepare students for industrial activities.
Professional practice is aimed at consolidating the theoretical knowledge gained by students in the learning process, acquiring practical skills and competence, as well as mastering advanced experience.
During the educational process at the IEC, the student will receive the competence of a competitive specialist.
Educational (introductory) practice
Educational (introductory) practice is conducted for students of the 1st year of bachelor's degree in all specialties.

The goal is to acquire primary professional competencies, including the consolidation and deepening of theoretical knowledge acquired in the course of training, the formation of the first skills of research activity, the acquisition of practical skills and work skills in accordance with the specialty of training.
Production practice
Industrial practice is conducted for students of all bachelor's degrees and is organized from the 2nd year.

The goal is to consolidate professional competence, acquire practical skills and professional experience.
Pre-graduate practice
Pre-graduate practice is provided for the preparation and writing of a thesis (project), the content of which is determined by the topic of the final qualifying work (project).

The goal is to complete the writing of the thesis (project).
Pedagogical practice
Pedagogical practice (bachelor's degree, master's degree in scientific and pedagogical direction, PhD) is organized after studying a cycle of special disciplines or a theoretical course of study in general.

The goal is to consolidate and deepen knowledge in general scientific, cultural, psychological and pedagogical, methodological and special disciplines, as well as the formation of pedagogical skills, skills and competencies based on theoretical knowledge.
Research practice
It is intended for undergraduates and doctoral students in order to familiarize themselves with the latest theoretical, methodological and technological achievements of domestic and foreign science, modern methods of scientific research, processing and interpretation of experimental data, processing and interpretation of experimental data in dissertation research.