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Graduates of the program will be able to work in various remote sensing ground support services - landmarking, linking calibration polygons, flight control and GNSS support), cameral activities (interpretation, interpretation, thematic mapping), as well as in organizations developing special networks and systems, including satellite-based ones.

Tuition fees — from 750 000 KZT

Remote sensing of natural resources

What will you learn?
Professional competencies
  • Organize and conduct field and office topographic and geodetic and aerial photography work
  • Decrypt video information, aerospace ground images and update topographic maps based on aerial and space surveys
  • Create three-dimensional models of the physical surface of the Earth and large engineering structures
  • Perform geodetic and photogrammetric work in the design, construction and operation of engineering facilities for various purposes (for example, transport infrastructure facilities: bridges, tunnels)
  • Create cadastral maps and plans
  • Study the natural resource potential of the regions using remote sensing materials
Career opportunities
  • Surveyor
  • Geoinformatics
  • Cadastral engineer
  • Сartographer
  • Specialist in remote sensing of the earth

How to apply for this educational program?

Take the UNT, elective subjects - Math and Physics
Submit documents to the IOC admissions office
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Urban planning, building work and civil engineering
Urban planning, building work and civil engineering