The Institute of Innovation and Additional Education (IIAE) is a structural division of the Kazakh leading academy of architecture and civil engineering  and provides the following additional educational courses in the areas of training:
Basic course for the mandatory creative writing exam
1. Preparatory courses "drawing and Drawing" for entering the Academy and College
Deepening and improving the skills of writing creative works (essays), preparing video materials, magazine articles in the media
1. Preparatory courses for applicants to the specialty " Journalism»
Deepening and improving knowledge of the discipline, testing, preparation for UNT/KTA
1. Functional reading literacy. Kazakh language (grade 11)
2. Functional reading literacy. Russian language (grade 11)
3. History Of Kazakhstan
4. Mathematical literacy
5. Physics
6. Geography
7. Kazakh language (grade 9)
8. Russian language (grade 9)
9. English for everyone
Preparation for creative exams via a distance course for students of final grades 9-11
1. Correspondent and online courses
Courses for master's and doctoral students
1. English for preparing for TOEFL/IELTS exams
2. preparation for CT for applicants to the master's program of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Courses are organized with a duration of 24 and 36 hours.
The cost of training depends on the amount of hours and the number of students in the group.
You must submit an application via the iiae@kazgasa email or
GOOGLE-form ->
Our contacts:
Almaty, Ryskulbekov 28, оff. 207/207а
Tel: 8(727)220-81-03, ext. 1117, 8(701)803-43-53, 8(701)059-62-63, 8(701)758-38-51
8800 070 1056; 355-10-56