Department of information technology

The Department of information technology (DIT) is organized to create, develop and support the information and communication infrastructure of the International Educational Corporation.
The main goals and objectives of DIT are:
development and implementation of strategic programs for Informatization of the IEC, implementation of a unified technical policy in the field of acquisition and use of technical and software computer tools and networks;
creating a digital / electronic educational environment and improving it;
creation, operation (maintenance) and development of subsystems of the IEC computer information system, including University-wide and local computer networks with access to the global INTERNET and other corporate, regional and industry networks (including with universities, the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as organizations that cooperate with the IEC);
development and improvement of information technologies for the educational process and university management;
providing teaching staff jobs with modern computers connected to the unified university management system and electronic training complexes;
methodological guidance and coordination of work at the university on the Informatization of the educational process and research, the introduction of industry and university standards in the field of Informatization, the unification of normative reference information and classifiers, the acquisition and use of technical and software PC Cathedral, Institute and inter-Institute computer laboratories;
technical and system maintenance of information and telecommunications facilities (its), i.e. computer classes, copiers, printers, scanners, network equipment, etc.;
carrying out design and installation works for the purpose of forming a unified computer network of the university.
Director of DIT
Zaripov Baurzhan 
+7 (727)-220-81-03​ (ext. 1126)
8800 070 1056; 355-10-56​