Educational programs of DEL:
6B04501-Accounting and audit
7M04101-Management (master's degree)
The IEC trains bachelors in the following specialties:
Educational programs of DEL:
6B04501-Accounting and audit
7M04101-Management (master's degree)
Training of qualified specialists in the field of Finance who understand the trends of financial markets, are able to manage financial resources competently, successfully invest money in various projects, analyze risks and regulate financial relations.
Languages of instruction:
Russian language
Kazakh language
and additional 2 languages (Eastern and European) to choose from;
Training programs and deadlines:
KAU has implemented multi-level training of students:
Bachelor's degree (4 years, 3 years on the basis of TVE, 2 years for the second higher education)
Master's degree (1 and 2 years)
ADDITIONAL TRAINING (certified advanced training courses)
Field of professional activity:
Financial Manager;
Financial analyst;
Tax manager;
Bank employee;
Brokers and dealers;
Insurance agent;
Investment and credit managers;
Specialist of the controlling service;
Risk manager;
Objects of professional activity:
Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Ministry of economy and budget planning of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
National Bank of Kazakhstan;
Financial services of ministries and departments;
Financial organizations: banks, insurance, pension, mortgage and leasing companies, budget institutions and organizations, investment funds;
Financial services of enterprises, economic courts;
Research organizations.
If you are fair, you want to help people, you are interested in the field of legal relations, then you need to study the most interesting specialty – Law!
Specializations of the educational program:
Corporate lawyer (one of the key business figures, always at the forefront of the conflict, responsible for ensuring the legal purity of the business);
Mediator of legal conflicts (pre-trial resolution of conflicts by legal means);
Law enforcement and enforcement activities (protection of the legal rights and interests of citizens and legal entities).
Current and exclusive courses in the specialty will help you become a popular specialist in a competitive environment:
Civil right;
Criminal law;
Forensic science;
Customs law;
Labour law;
Family law;
Land law;
Business law;
Intellectual property rights, etc.
During their studies, students have the opportunity to participate in research activities within the framework of student clubs and circles.
Many interactive events on various legal issues are regularly organized: experiments in criminology, demonstration trials in civil and criminal cases, investigative experiments, and demonstration confrontations.
Club members have repeatedly won prizes in various competitions and Olympiads. The educational program includes a mandatory industrial practice, students can try their hand at the work of leading enterprises. More than 80% of graduates are employed after graduation.
Our graduates work:
In the Administration of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
In the constitutional Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
Before courts;
In the Prosecutor's office;
The bodies of internal Affairs;
Agency of civil service and anti-corruption;
Notary chamber;
Law firm;
Legal department;
Judicial authority;
national security Committee;
Military police;
In the legal departments of government agencies, corporations, and public organizations;
In law agencies;
In analytical and educational centers;
In international organizations.
The University has all the conditions for comfortable learning: academic buildings equipped with modern equipment, Wi-Fi zone, canteens, buffets, library, sports complex, football fields, conference rooms, Assembly hall and much more.
Law students participate in startup competitions, debates, KVN, sports competitions, competitions, festivals — this is what makes studying at the University unforgettable.
Students have the opportunity to gain practical experience at the legal clinic "Crawd Lab" is a student's business structure, created on the basis of the Kazakh-American University to legal aid and legal literacy of the population and the formation of students ' skills of legal aid in conditions such as remote access and direct communication.