Students of the IEC, recognizing their responsibility for the implementation of the mission of the IEC, believing it their duty to maintain and develop the corporate culture of the university as a center for the training of highly qualified specialists, scientific and engineering personnel for the architectural and construction industry of Kazakhstan, accept the Code of Honor of the University student and undertakes to strictly follow it.
Article 1. The student of the IEC complies with the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Charter of the IEC, the Internal Rules, the Rules of residence in the House of Students and other normative acts of the IEC.
Article 2. The student of the IEC knows and honors the state symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the national culture, history and statehood of Kazakhstan, carefully preserves and enhances the traditions of the University.
Article 3. The student of the IEC shows courtesy, correctness and attentiveness in communication with other students, teachers and the administration of the IEC.
Article 4. An IEC student respects any person regardless of their origin and nationality, social status, religious or ideological beliefs.
Article 5. The student of the IEC strictly fulfills his educational duties, does not allow ethical, academic and legal violations, including plagiarism, forgery, the use of cheat sheets, cheating and prompts at all stages of different forms of knowledge control, the use of family or business relationships to obtain more high appreciation, bribery, deceit of the teacher and disrespectful attitude towards him, absenteeism and being late for no good reason.
Article 6. The student of the IEC takes care of the safety of the property of the IEC and prevents the manifestation of vandalism.
Article 7. The student of the IEC carefully treats the library and information resources of the university, avoiding careless or harmful attitude to them.
Article 8. A student of the IEC, living in a dormitory, tries to maintain an atmosphere of good neighborliness, to avoid conflicts with other residents and the administration.
Article 9. The student of the IEC looks neat, his appearance corresponds to aesthetic standards.
Article 10. The student of the IEC leads a healthy lifestyle, seeks to improve his cultural, moral and physical level, takes an active part in the socio-cultural, scientific and sports life of the university.
Article 11. A student of the IEC should not allow illegal acts both at the University and beyond.
Article 12. The student of the IEC should not allow the dissemination of information aimed at destabilizing order in the country, as well as participate in unauthorized meetings, demonstrations, rallies, pickets, rallies and marches.
Article 13. The student of the IEC refrains from participating in any activity contrary to the interests of the University, which damages the image and reputation of the IEC.
Article 14. An IEC student who has discovered a violation of the provisions of the Code is trying to suppress it on his own or notifies student self-government bodies or the administration.