Innovation in Education

A minor program is a program of an additional direction of preparation (specialty), which a student can choose from the list of specialties offered by the university.
Upon completion of the theoretical course of study and obtaining an academic bachelor's degree in the main specialty (Major), the student is given an appendix to the diploma in the established form for the mastered disciplines of an additional specialty (Minor).
The main goal of the development of the Minor Program is to ensure the competitiveness of future specialists by providing opportunities to undergo training in additional educational programs, creating maximum employment opportunities.
Inclusive education in Kazakhstan is one of the opportunities for adequate socialization of young people with disabilities by including them in the educational system by changing methods, material and technical bases for full-fledged education.
In the 2019-2020 academic year, the IOC developed the educational program “Inclusive Tourism and Architectural Heritage”.
Regulation on the psychological and pedagogical support of the disabled and persons with disabilities
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