Institute for Innovative and Additional Education

Institute of Innovations and Additional Education (IIAE) was created in 2016, is a structural unit of the Kazakh Head Architectural and Construction Academy.
 The Institute of Innovation and Additional Education includes:
- Scientific Center (SC);
- The Republican Center for Qualification Upgrade of Personnel in the Architecture and Construction Branch (RCSCKASO);
- Certification Center for Engineering and Technical Workers (ACITR);
- Certified Autodesk Center (SC);
- KNAUF Consulting Center (KC);
- Professional and training courses (PPC);
- Linguistic Center (LC).
The main objectives of the Institute are the implementation of scientific, design and survey work in the architectural and construction industry; development of continuing education programs, advanced training and retraining of personnel.
Address: 050043. Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, Ryskulbekov, st., 28. of.207 / 207a
Phone: 8 (727) 220-81-03, ext. 1117
8800 070 1056; 355-10-56