The Faculty of Architecture (FA) was founded in 1966 within the walls of the Kazakh Polytechnic Institute on the basis of two chairs of KazPTI named after V.I.Lenin: "Urban Planning" and "Descriptive Geometry", while the first set on the specialty of architecture was made in 1961. The core of the formed faculty was the department "Urban Planning", created in 1964. The founder of the domestic architectural school is T.K. Basenov - the first Kazakh scientist-architect - graduate of the Leningrad architectural school, a pupil of Professor Hoffman and Academician Shchusev, the first chairman of the Union of Architects of Kazakhstan, created in 1936, candidate of architecture, corresponding member of the Academy of Architecture and Construction of the USSR, honored builder of the Kazakh SSR.  T.K.Basenov has made huge efforts for creation of the center of preparation of architectural personnel in KazPTI.

The first graduates of the specialists of architects were carried out in the winter and summer of 1966-1967 academic year in connection with the transition from 5.5 to 5-year training under the chairmanship of famous architects of the Republic N.I. Ripinsky and A.K. Kapanov. At that time the faculty members were T.K. Basenov, R.A. Seydalin, M.S. Kenbayev, I.I. Belotserkovsky, H.N. Nauryzbayev, Y.B. Tumanyan, B.A. Glaudinov, P.D. Usachev, S.A. Mambeev, M.R. Izbasar, S.Y. Altaibaeva, A.A. Ukhobotov and other teachers. They were mainly graduates of leading Moscow and Leningrad universities.

The number of departments was constantly growing: in 1967 the department "Architecture of residential and public buildings" was opened (the head of the department was Associate Professor R.A. Seydalin, Honored Architect of the Kazakh SSR); in 1972 - the department "History of Architecture and architectural constructions" (the head of the department was Honored Architect M.A. Ukhobotov.M. Mendikulov), followed by the Department of "Drawing" in 1977 (the head of the department was People's Artist M.S. Kenbayev) and in 1980 under the guidance of People's Artist of the Kazakh SSR H.N. Nauryzbayev was founded Department of Painting and Sculpture.

After formation on the basis of the architectural and construction faculties of KazPTI Almaty Architecture and Construction Institute (AACI) in 1980 the department "Fundamentals of architectural design" was opened (the head of the department was associate professor, candidate of architecture A.Zh. Abilov).

In 1992, in the year of transformation of AASAI in KazGASA (Kazakh State Academy of Architecture and Construction) the Department of "Design of architectural environment" was opened. (Candidate of Architecture, Associate Professor Y.I. Bakhmutov was the head of the department). In 2001, the Kazakh State Academy of Architecture and Construction was transformed into the Kazakh Head Academy of Architecture and Construction.

In 2003, at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Florence (Italy) was held an international contest of diploma projects MOOSAO (International Public Association for the Promotion of Architectural Education), in which from KazGASA participated professors FA Glaudinov B.A., Kisamedin G.M., Kozbagarova N.J. From 2013 to the present day diploma projects and master's theses of students of the Faculty of Architecture participate in the International Competition of the best diploma projects under the auspices of MOSAE and are marked by diplomas of 1, 2 and 3 degrees.

Since 2008 students of the Faculty of Architecture have been actively participating and taking prize-winning places in the IZOVER Multi-Comfort House and Ecofon International Contests, the finals of which were held in such countries as Croatia, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Serbia, Spain.

The year 2007 was marked by the successful completion of the international accreditation in the educational program "Architecture", by the decision of the Commission at the headquarters of ISA - UNESCO in Barcelona, Spain. Dean of the Faculty of Architecture Zhumartova K.G. In 2011, the specialty "Architecture" (Bachelor's degree) of KazGASA successfully passed the international reaccreditation.

Since 2009, at the International Festival of Architecture and Construction Schools of Eurasia, diploma projects and master's theses of students of the Faculty of Architecture have been awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree diplomas. In 2011 and 2018 the II and VII International Festival of Architectural and Construction Schools of Eurasia was held on the basis of KazGASS.

In 2013 - 2015 - OP 5B042000-Architecture Higher education institution as a result of participation in the National Ranking took 1st place in the specialty "Architecture" at the bachelor's level among architectural schools of RK.

The educational program "Architecture" in the Rating of higher education institutions-2015 RK took the 3rd place, on a magistracy - 8th place. The general rating of higher education institutions on directions of preparation "Art" took the 3rd place. Also, in the NAAR Rating -2015 "TOP-50 PPS" included five best teachers of the FA: Kozbagarova NZ, Abdrasilova GS, Kisamedin GM, Sadvokasova GK, Baitenov EM.

In 2018. - OP 5B042000 "Architecture" and 6M042000 "Architecture" - in the rating of op NKAOKO - takes 1st place.

Deans of the Faculty of Architecture have worked consistently since its founding: A.D. Kuzyutin, Yu.V. Kruglov, B.A. Glaudinov, S.R. Bukeykhanov, M.I. Lesovichenko, B.H. Shakerbay, Yu. At present, the dean is Professor M.B. Glaudinova, Doctor of Architecture