The origins of the faculty of education go back to the 50-ies, when on the basis of the Kazakh mining and metallurgical Institute and then of the Kazakh Polytechnic Institute. Lenin trained professionals oldest and necessary for the country of profession – Builder. During the long years of its history, the faculty of construction made a great contribution to training of highly qualified civil engineers for Kazakhstan. Here are some of the stages of its formation and development:
 1957 - organized the first set on a specialty "Industrial and civil building" in Kazakh mining and metallurgical Institute.
 1959 - organized the first Department of "Construction" under the leadership of B. S. Zharmagambetov
 1961 -established civil engineering faculty, and in 1964 the faculty was opened correspondence Department.
• 1962  - the first graduation of civil engineers.
Diploma projects of A. T. Aubakirova and Y. I. Nemchinov was recognized as exemplary. These graduates later became scientists, doctors of technical Sciences. Diploma at the "excellent" defended 18 people, including prominent scientists, teachers and Industrialists – T. J. Akberdin, Sabalakov M. M., M. A. Alimbaev, A. A. Bespaev, S. A. Tatygulov, V. P. Korolkov, etc.
• 1963  - in the construction Department opened a specialty "heat and gas supply and ventilation".
At this time the faculty became one of the leading in KazPTI. In the first year of its existence, the faculty took the second place in the competition of Amateur performances "Spring at the Polytechnic". At this time, organized by the "Theatre of variety miniatures builders" (under the guidance of S. R. Bukeikhanov), which six months later became the basis of the Institute of Theatre of variety miniatures polytechnics. Many times the builders became Champions of the games in the Kazakh Polytechnic Institute.
• 1980 education of the Alma-ATA architecture and construction Institute
 1988 – 1990  opened two new specialties: "Economics and organization of construction", and "Lifting-transport, building road machines and equipment".
 1992 Almaty Architectural Construction Institute was transformed into KazGASA – Kazakh State Architectural Construction Academy.
• 1995 – 1997 ггopened a specialty "Urban construction and management", "Mechanization and automation of construction", "Protection in emergencies".
2001 when preserved the abbreviation of architecture and civil engineering, Academy of State becomes the Head and is called Kazakh leading Academy of architecture and Construction.
2011  KazGASA loses its legal independence in the form of Campus KazGASA is part of an International educational Corporation.
Today, the faculty is an innovative educational, scientific and industrial complex that serves as a basic information, design and expert center for construction, transport construction and housing, contributes to the preservation of architectural and construction heritage and ensuring the quality of the environment, educates technical intelligentsia, patriots of the country, morally and morally responsible to society and the state.
We are focused on the development of science and technology; continuous improvement of the educational process; new educational and information technologies in the educational process; ensuring continuity between different levels of education.
The strong teaching staff of the university has always successfully coped with the tasks set by time. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of research activities of our scientists in the field of civil and industrial construction. We can be proud of our colleagues ' research in mechanics, geotechnics, earthquake-resistant construction and other scientific fields. Today, the faculty employs prominent scientists Kussainov A. A., Besimbayev E. T., Abakanov T. D., Khomyakov V. A. and young creative researchers-graduates of the University Sadyrov R. K., Bryantsev A. A., Taubaldieva A. S., Gumenyuk V. V. and others.
Being initially technical, our university was considered a forge of highly qualified engineering personnel, who were in demand in the construction industry of the country and abroad. With the emergence and development of new areas of study, today the university has become even more competitive and meets all the challenges of the time. Scientists, teachers and students of KazGASA always strive for new achievements.
Today, the faculty has 39 teachers and 2 employees. Of these, 2 are honorary professors, 5 are academic and 17 are associate professors, and 15 are assistant professors.
Dean of the faculty – candidate of technical sciences, Professor Imambayeva R. S., a graduate of the Department of General Construction. Academic professors-Kussainov A. A., Besimbayev E. T., Maulenov Zh. K., Imambayeva R. S., Toibayev K. D., Abakanov T. D.
The faculty trains more than 1,500 students at all levels of education, including using distance learning technologies.
Educational activities are carried out in the direction of "Architecture and construction", group of educational programs 6B073 "Urban planning, construction and Civil Engineering":
1. 6B07321-Calculation and design of buildings and structures
2. 6B07322-Technology of industrial and civil construction
3. 6B07323-Design and installation of metal structures
4. 6B07325-Earthquake-Resistant construction
7. 6B07329-Hydraulic engineering construction
8. 6B07342-Construction of highways and airfields
9. 6B07328-City cadastre and real estate management
10. 6B07327-Information technologies in construction
11. 6В07326 - Urban construction and municipal services
12. 6V07351-heat and gas supply and ventilation
13. 6B07352-water Supply and Sewerage
The faculty has created and successfully develops scientific and educational laboratory facilities - welding and diagnostics of metal structures and their connections, Inspection of the technical condition of buildings and structures, earthquake Resistance of buildings and structures, geotechnics in construction, Engineering mechanics, Hydraulics, heat Supply and others.
Research work.
The teaching staff of the faculty conducts scientific research, taking into account world experience in the field of design, construction and operation of buildings and structures. In the last 10 years alone, the faculty members have obtained about 150 author's certificates for inventions and patents, published more than 20 monographs and about 700 publications in various scientific collections and journals, including 20 textbooks in Kazakh and Russian, 16 textbooks, 170 scientific articles, organized and conducted 15 scientific and practical conferences and participated in 17 national student conferences.
Research internships, joint research projects, and international academic mobility programs are being implemented.
Research areas of academic and associate professors: 1) Geotechnical research, design and strengthening of foundations and foundations of buildings and structures, calculations to ensure stability. Head: doctor of technical sciences, academic professor Khomyakov V. A.;
2) Modern technologies for ensuring the stability of buildings and structures. Head: doctor of technical Sciences, academic professor E. T. Besimbayev; 3) Improvement of waste water treatment methods. Head: doctor of technical sciences, academic professor Toibayev K. D.; 4) Improvement and optimization of the TGV systems. Head: PhD, assoc. professor Makashev E. B. 5) Improvement of structures and systems of operation of construction, lifting and transport machines and equipment. Head: doctor of technical Sciences, academic Professor Zh. K. maulenov.
Research results are published in collections of international scientific conferences, in publications of far and near abroad and in rating journals with an impact factor; they are introduced into the educational process; students, undergraduates and doctoral students are involved in the field of scientific activity. The results of scientific research are being implemented in the activities of contractual topics. Scientists participate in scientific seminars, international conferences, and symposiums.
Students' research work develops in the following areas: participation in scientific conferences, subject Olympiads, scientific seminars, participation in experimental laboratories, etc.
Students and undergraduates present their research results in collaboration with teachers at international scientific conferences and competitions.
In recent years, teachers have been actively publishing articles in publications indexed in the Scopus and Web of Science databases. They have citations of publications published in scientific periodicals indexed in the Scopus database.
Intercollegiate activities.
To improve the quality of training and competitiveness of graduates in the construction industry, the faculty actively cooperates with Kazakh and foreign universities, such as: D. Serikbayev East Kazakhstan state technical university, L. N. Gumilyov Eurasian national university, L. B. Goncharov Kazakh automobile and road Academy, sh. Esenov Caspian state university of technology and engineering, Ualikhanov Kokshetau state university, S. S. Pavlodar state university. In Taraz state university. M. H. Dulati, South Kazakhstan state university.M. Auezov, Kazakh Academy of transport and communications named after M. Tynyshpayev, Sofia university of architecture, civil engineering and geodesy, Bulgaria; Tomsk state architecture and construction university; Azerbaijan architecture and construction university, Azerbaijan; Samara state technical uiversity, Russia; Tyumen industrial university, Russia; Novosibirsk state university of architecture and construction, Russia; Odessa state Academy of construction and architecture, Ukraine; Peter the Great Saint Petersburg Polytechnic university, Russia; Volgograd state technical university, Russia; Vilnius College of technology and design, Lithuania; Donbass national Academy of construction and architecture, Ukraine.
The faculty actively participates in the organization of the annual Republican review-competition of diploma projects and the International festival of graduate works of architecture, construction and design schools of Eurasia. In 2019, the faculty for the first time submitted works for the competition of final qualifying works, held by the International public organization for the promotion of construction education (DIA MGSU). The final works submitted to the competition won prizes and were included in the catalog of the best projects of the DIA MGSU.
Connection with the production
The faculty has close contacts with the leading design and construction companies of the Republic: KazNIISA JSC, KAZGORR, Imstalcon JSC, BI-Group holding, KAZGOR Design Academy, BAZIS-A group of companies, ALPROF LLP, Kazgiprovodkhoz Institute, Kazakh Vodokanalproekt JSC, Almaty Su state enterprise, Inter Clima LLP, AVC Epdipeegipd LLP, etc.