In 1992, in the year of transformation of AIAC into KazGASA, a new specialty – "Design of the architectural environment" was opened on the basis of the faculty of architecture on the initiative of Yuri Igorevich Bakhmutov. At the same time, the Department of Design was opened for the first time in Kazakhstan.
The Department was greatly helped by the Union of Designers of Kazakhstan headed by Timur Suleimenov and the Almaty center for contemporary art and its Director Valeria Ibraeva. Thanks to the enthusiasm and exceptional organizational qualities of the head Yuri Bakhmutov, a lot of work was done to create a special design space in the walls of KazGASA, which became the home of many teachers and students. Helped him in this – his friends and associates-Alim Sabitov, lyaila Turganbayeva, Pavel Savranchuk, Nelly Uteeva. There was a new project concept of design education, which was special among many other universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which still perceive and implement only its artistic aspects.
So, in the early days of the young students had participated in the development of the concept of transformation of the architectural environment of the city of Turkestan in connection with the 1500 anniversary of the city; in the project of the exhibition, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of K. Satpayev, which was held in the headquarters of UNESCO in Paris; the exhibition of works of students of the Department organized by the sports Committee of Kazakhstan for the exhibition of the Olympic Museum in Lausanne.
It has become a good tradition for faculty to cooperate with foreign universities and invite foreign teachers to work with students of the Design Department. For example, the joint work of teachers with students of the National school of industrial design in France. Cooperation with the Soros center for contemporary art-Almaty, representatives of the embassies of the Netherlands, France, Germany, and the European Union. Such involvement in real design problems has set a high bar of requirements for the educational process, which is characteristic of Kazgas as a whole. The practice of working on actual, socially significant, real projects, active participation and winning in various competitions has become firmly established in the activities of the Department.
In 2002, training in the field of postgraduate education began – a master's degree in Design was opened, which increased its status in the field of training competitive specialists in accordance with international requirements.
In 2003 the Department was divided into two departments: "Architectural design" and "Graphic and industrial design", and in 2005 the design departments were reorganized into the Faculty of Design.
Over time, the number of specializations has expanded. From 2010 to 2011, an admission was announced for the specialization "Fashion Design" and "TV-Video Design". Together with the existing specializations "architectural environment Design", "Graphic design", "Industrial design", they make up five distinct design specializations, demonstrating the penetration of this type of project activity into all aspects of human life and its subject-spatial environment.
In 2012, a license was obtained to conduct training in the PhD program in Design. This made it possible to participate at a high level in foreign competitions for the best diploma projects, receive prizes and awards, and actually exchange students with foreign universities. For several years, kazgas students ' diploma projects have been participating in International competitions for the best diploma projects under the auspices of the International Public Association for the promotion of architectural education and are ranked high, which rightly indicates the right direction in the training of young professionals and undergraduates.
The faculty has experienced teachers and scientists. Well-known designers from Kazakhstan and abroad work together with full-time teachers.
Now is the time for design, total and all-consuming. Today, there is no area of human activity that does not need the help of a designer. Five specializations are not the limit. We are confident that the new generation will continue this list.
The staff of the Department of Design of KazGASA sees this as the key to the successful development of Kazakh design – a new type of design and creative activity in the Republic of Kazakhstan.