KAU is a unique institution that synthesizes the best traditions of the Soviet and American educational systems. The idea to create a University based on the synthesis of programs of American and Kazakh universities under contracts belonged to Amirlan Aidarbekovich Kussainov-the Founder and President of KAU, since in 1997 the only university teaching in English was KIMEP, which at that time did not have a bachelor's degree.

September 12, 1997-formation of the Kazakh-American University. Initially, the university was located in a building on Panfilov str, Gogol's corner, on 180 square meters, which were provided free of charge by the joint venture "Rakhat".

Since the Foundation of KAU, elements of the credit system have been present in the educational process. March 1998-the school received a state license (no.0088286) at KAU, and in September of the same year, 173 students started studying at the school. June 1998-the first issue of KAU. The ceremony was attended by Kazakh officials and guests from various countries. KAU is the first university to introduce so - called "comments" - monthly reports of schools and universities on student performance and behavior in front of their parents. At the same time, we started conducting a feedback survey of students about the quality of each teacher's teaching.

Kazakh-American University is experiencing its formation and development together with its homeland. 2016 was marked by a solemn celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 2017 is the year of the 20th anniversary for the Kazakh-American University. The fate of the University is inextricably linked with the incredible progress of the Republic of Kazakhstan in all areas of its development. The idea to create a University based on the synthesis of programs of American and Kazakh universities belonged to Amirlan Aidarbekovich Kussainov-the founder and President of KAU.

KAU actively introduces new system, technological, managerial and social programs. Since 1997, the university, one of the first universities in the Republic of Kazakhstan, has introduced the process of dividing students' learning and monitoring (evaluating) their knowledge; multi-point letter system of training level; innovative system of remuneration; Hand-outs (active handout); the concept of trilingualism in teaching; universal criteria for comprehensive assessment of knowledge of languages; trilingual glossary; protection of diploma projects (works) in English.

The young university, learning from the experience of American partner universities, in the early 2000s created and introduced into the organizational structure a Board of Trustees; a Board of customers and an expert Commission on specialties; a Laboratory of Educology; an Association of graduates. The experience of the Kazakh-American University was taken into account when drawing up the rules of the credit system of education, approved by the order of the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2005. Every year, KAU uses its own funds to establish more than 200 "Scholarships" for gifted students from low-income families. A School was opened as part of the University in 1998, and in 1999 the Almaty College of communications (AKC at KAU) was incorporated.

The baccalaureate is divided into three main areas of DLAGS, DEL and DAS. These faculties are divided into general education, humanities, economics and applied areas. Currently, KAU actively operates 10 areas of OP (General education programs): Journalism, Tourism, Law, International relations, Radio engineering, Electronics and telecommunications, Translation, Finance, Economics, Accounting and audit.