Юридический департамент
The main purpose of the Department is to ensure compliance with the law in the activities of the Corporation.
The main tasks are:
information and legal support of the Corporation's activities;
protection of legal interests and legal rights of the Corporation;
development of legal documents;
representation of the Corporation's interests in courts of various instances and other state bodies;
preparation of legal opinions and consulting work.
In accordance with the assigned tasks the legal Department performs the following main functions:
corporate work-support of management bodies (meetings of shareholders/ participants, boards of Directors, Executive bodies), registration/liquidation/ reorganization of legal entities, separate divisions, registration actions in the DU;
preparation and submission to the national Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan of reports on placements/non-placements of shares, affiliates, and the register of securities holders;
legal expertise of draft orders, instructions, regulations and other legal acts prepared by the Corporation and submitted for approval to the legal Department, their approval, as well as participation in the preparation of these documents;
preparation of legal norms and regulations governing the activities of the Corporation;
carrying out measures for the implementation of legal control in the field of labor relations;
implementation of activities for the development, approval and conclusion of current contracts and obligations;
achieving a high level of registration of legal documents in the Corporation;
information and reference support for the activities of structural divisions, providing them with legal advice.
coordination of activities with law enforcement agencies, state authorities, and local self-government bodies.
providing accounting and storage of local regulations of the Corporation and others providing methodological guidance for legal work in the Corporation explaining current legislation and its procedure
legal assistance to structural divisions in claims work, preparation and transfer of necessary materials to the judicial authorities;
representation of the Corporation's interests in court, economic court, as well as in state and public organizations when considering legal issues, conducting court cases;
work on analysis and generalization of the results of consideration of claims, court cases, as well as the practice of concluding and executing contracts for the provision of educational services, agreements on joint activities with other institutions and organizations, business contracts, development of proposals to improve monitoring of compliance with contractual discipline;
participation in the development and implementation of measures to strengthen contractual, financial and labor discipline.
Director of the Law Department
Baimukashev S. Islam
Phone number: 8(727)-220-80-47 (ext. 1040)
8800 070 1056; 355-10-56