Methodological work

The Kazakh Leading Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering is proud of its traditions in the field of training specialists in the field of design. Suffice it to say that the Academy is a UMS - educational and methodical advice in the field of design. This means that the IEC is the flagship of training specialists in this field and largely determines the policy and long-term prospects for the development of the specialty "Design".
Currently, the faculty is training in five specializations of design.
Specializations SPECIALTIES B031 - Design.
6В02121 - Architectural design;
6В02122 - Graphic design;
6В02123 - Industrial design;
6В02124 - Fashion design;
6В02125 - Television and production design.
In 1992, on the basis of the IEC architectural faculty, on the initiative of Yu. I. Bakhmutov, a new specialty was opened - “Design of the architectural environment”.
At the same time, the Department of Design was opened.
In 1995, the second design specialization, Advertising Design, was opened at the IEC.
In 2003, the department was divided into two: "Architectural design" and "Graphic and industrial design."
In 2005, design departments were reorganized into the Faculty of Design.
Strengthening UMC Specializations
Our Academy is a UMS - educational-methodical council in the field of design. The professors of the faculty are the authors of all previously existing and currently existing Education Standards, Model Curricula and Model Design Programs.
In 2009, the specialization "Costume Design" was opened,
In 2009, the Laboratory Complex of Television Design was organized and opened.
6В02122​ - Graphic design
6В02123​ - Industrial design
6В02125 - Television and production design
6В02124​ - Fashion Design