Registrar's office

Registrar's office
The Registrar's office admits and graduates specialists of all levels and stages of education, provides quality control of training of students, as well as the organization of all types of entrance, boundary and final control of students ' knowledge, maintaining statistics. The office operates in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "on education", rules of organization of higher education institutions, regulations of IEC: admission, certification and graduation of students, educational process and practice, and other regulatory legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of education.
The main activities of the Registrar's Office are:
• organization of the Admissions Committee;
• quality control of training of students;
• organization and control of the final control;
• organization and holding of the input slice of knowledge;
• organization and conduct of graduation (control of the final state certification of graduates, registration and awarding of diplomas to them);
• movement of students ' contingent;
* maintaining statistics and statistical reporting.
The main functions of the Registrar's Office:
* organization and conduct of special (creative) examinations and comprehensive testing of applicants;
* organization and control of interviews with applicants to IEC for reduced educational programs and training in a reduced time frame;
* preparation of orders for enrollment, transfers, and reinstatement of students;
* organization of the testing system in accordance with the mandatory standards of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
* collection of materials and preparation of a database of tests for conducting the entrance cross-section of knowledge and examination sessions of students according to the approved schedule;
* organizing, conducting and summarizing the results of the entrance cross-section of students ' knowledge (except for the first year), examination sessions;
* preparation of proposals for the promotion and punishment of teaching staff based on the results of all types of control;
• keeping records of strict reporting forms (IDS, diplomas, academic certificates);
* conducting an examination session for all faculties. Transfer the session results to the appropriate deans for analysis and current work (advisors).
Reception of the Registrar (office 217):
Assistant Registrar
Phone/Fax: 8(727)220-80-82 (ext. 1022)
8800 070 1056; 355-10-56
Deputy Registrar (office 215):
Abdillaeva M. Farida
Executive Secretary of the Admissions Committee
Abdillaeva M. Farida

Registrar's office (office 214)
Phone numbers of specialists: 8(727) 220-80-82.
Dispatcher's phone number (office no. 213) 8 (727)220-80-82 (ext.1027)
8800 070 1056; 355-10-56

Contacts of leading specialists of the IEC Registrar's Office


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Kassimbekova А., Aitmahan D.

87081107397           87018595190  



Shagirtayeva R.



General construction

Bershimbayeva А., Makulbayeva G.

87058753322                   87075286854


Construction technologies, infrastructure and management

Tolegenova Z., Uderbayeva S.

87053915671 8 7018635570