The faculty provides fundamental training for students in the Kazakh, English, Russian languages, disciplines of the natural science, social and humanitarian cycle and physical education. The faculty conducts a lot of scientific work of teachers: annually republican and interuniversity methodological seminars are organized on topical problems of the natural sciences and social sciences, intensive language teaching and modern teaching methods for general subjects.
Teachers of the faculty more than once became winners of the republican contest "Best Teacher of the Year".
The faculty fruitfully cooperates with representatives of URSA Eurasia (St. Petersburg) in Kazakhstan and the Acoustic Group (Moscow) in Kazakhstan - on the use of heat-insulating and acoustic building materials; with colleagues from the Research Institute of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences and other universities in the field of research and teaching activities of MGSU (RF), TGASU (RF), TTU (Estonia), KSUST them. N. Isanova (KR), Suleyman Demirel Universitesi (Turkey), State Technical University (Georgia), Lund University (Sweden) University of Innsbruck (Austria).
A lot of work is underway to introduce trilingualism: the faculty has developed and introduced into the educational process “Universal Criteria for the Comprehensive Assessment of Languages”, “Linguocomplex” for five levels of instruction in Kazakh, English and Russian.
A variety of Interest Clubs for students function at the FOGED: Tarih Murasy, Student Scientific Society, Students Without Corruption, Sports Territory, Modern Information Technologies, Student Assembly of the Peoples of Kazakhstan, Zhastar zhаne kogam , the debate club “President”, the club “UNICUM”, “Asyl Soz”, “Opinion of the student”, “English Club”, “Znatoki”.
Every year, the faculty organizes the University Start scientific project for gifted students and holds subject Olympiads in languages, history, mathematics, physics and computer science, as well as holds sporting events and competitions among students, staff and teachers of the academy.
Project office "Ruhani Zhangyru" has been opened in KazGASA since 2018, the purpose of which is to illuminate and popularize the main directions of the spiritual revival of public consciousness.
The project office coordinates the work of all departments aimed at the implementation of a program at KazGASA which focused on the revival of spiritual values among students, taking into account all modern risks and challenges of globalization. Special focus is paid to the implementation of measures that enhance the competitiveness of graduates, their relevance in the modern labor market, and all the new educational programs being developed are aimed at this.  Departments in their work, starting with the education of young people to the subjects of lectures, practical classes and graduate theses, pay special attention to the preservation of national identity. Special events are being developed that popularize the cult of knowledge - from seminars on personal development, to meeting interesting people who have achieved success or overcome difficulties that have arisen in their life paths thanks to the strength of their will and constant striving for new things. In its work, the project office actively attracts the Committee of student youth and activists who show their openness of consciousness and implement various charity events, initiate and participate in the volunteer movement. The project office in its work attracts city and republican organizations that support the spirit of students and help to implement the planned projects within the framework of the “Ruhani Zhangyru” program. Students and teachers of KazGASA support the initiatives and projects of the U38 University Alliance and actively participate in city events that are implemented by the Almaty Akimat.



We congratulate you on your anniversary! Desires are fulfilled and the more wishes, the more joy in your soul that you live, rejoice, make plans for the future and create a beautiful present. Do not let your health, mood, and loved ones always be there and surround you with warmth and love. Well-being and prosperity, fruitful and successful work, scientific discoveries and many faithful and devoted friends! 

Dean of FOGE Takenova Zh.S.

Among the winners of the competition "The best teacher of the university of Kazakhstan" – teachers of the FOGE

Buganova Svetlana Nikolaevna
Ph.D., assoc. prof.FOGE
«The best teacher of the university of Kazakhstan » - 2017year.
Suleymenova Kymbat Kasymovna
Ph.D., assoc. prof.FOGE
«The best teacher of the university of Kazakhstan » - 2018г.
Abilova Batzhamal Aikenovna
Ph.D., assoc. prof.FOGE
«The best teacher of the university of Kazakhstan » - 2018г.
KazGASA students at the "Idea for a million" presentation of innovative projects
On April 25-26 “Zhas Tolgyn” competition took place in Almaty within the framework of the 5th republican “New generation is future of Kazakhstan” students’ festival. Festival is organized by the Foundation of the First President, Leader of nation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The main purpose of this project is to involve students in the scientific field.
Representatives of seven universities from Nur-Sultan, Almaty, Aktobe, Karaganda and Pavlodar are strived for “the country’s best student team” title. Among the competition tasks of Olympiad there were presidential tests on physical training, testing in general educational disciplines, presentation of videos about students life and defense of "Idea for million" innovative projects.
Students from all over Kazakhstan came with their projects such as: national food products production, financial literacy increasing board game, a phyto wall, separate garbage collection system, website for helping low-income families, and healthy food buffet.
The main and most difficult task of the Olympiad was defenсe of innovative projects. Our team "Generators" were presented by 1-st and 2-nd course students Asylbek Kharun-Rashid, Tursynov Batyrzhan, Serzhan Mukhametzhanov, Sotsial Aishat, Saparbek Madina under the leadership of associate professor of GHTD Sydykova D.K. and assistant professor J.A. Kalybekova who presented the project “WILL -  wide accessible atmospheric generator”. Among other students it is worth to mention Asylbek Harun-Rashid who was nominated as the best speaker and Tursynov Batyrzhan who set a record during the sports competition and made 220 squats.
It was not easy for our students to get used to the role of an entrepreneur or a start-upper and to defense their business project before a high level jury. But we managed - WE DID IT!!!
Our team won the 2nd place and set a goal to win the grand prix and get a million next year.
“Physical Regatta”
In honor of the international day π on March 14, 2019, the faculty of general education disciplines (FGED) of the Kazakh Leading Academy of Architecture and Construction organized an intellectual show “Physical Regatta” among the teams of universities in Almaty.
10 teams from various universities of the city took part in the qualifying round. They took part in races of the “Physical Regatta” in a gambling and competitive environment. In the second round, the contest continued in the format of intellectual games “What? Where? When?". In the final round, the struggle continued in the same pleasantly tense situation and the teams went with approximately equal results, and again the number of teams of applicants did not decrease.
The results of intellectual games between student teams of universities of the city of Almaty ended with the following results:
1 place - Al-Farabi KazNU
2 place - AUEC and KazGASA,
3 place - KazWPU, KazATC and KazNAU.
 Participants and guests of the competition received a powerful positive charge.
There were words not only with congratulations from guests and prize-winners of the competition, but also words of gratitude to the organizers.
It should be noted the initiative and creativity of 1st year students of the Faculty of General Construction (FOS), who pleased with their collective and responsible attitude to the common cause, thanks to  the organizers, Aimagambetova Z. T., Kulimova R.Yu., and Nusipovа A. O. it was possible to consider all the nuances of the event and make a celebration of intelligence.
In the course of cooperation with young people it was possible to get motivation to implement further ambitious plans.
Participants of the intellectual show offered to continue this tradition and hold an annual competition at the sites of various universities. If in the course of the competition there was a vital healthy spirit, in the end of the competition students sang  an anthem "Sagyndym Almatymdy".
"Dara Zhol"
 1 April 2019 students of architecture and civil engineering took part in the project "Dara Zhol" on TV "Kazakhstan" with the participation of Baimenova Kuralay, head of the "Center of support of paralyzed citizens of Aktobe" - the activity of which is known in the Aktobe region of Kazakhstan, the organization that helps to solve many livelihood issues of the poor with disabilities.
The example of the courageous heroine of the program gave a great impetus to development, because her example inspires active actions to use her potential and to help people with disabilities to develop and realize their potential. Recently, the Republic began to develop projects and create conditions for the movement of people with disabilities, so that they can participate on an equal basis with all and visit not only educational and medical institutions, but also cinemas and other institutions where cultural events are held. Assistant  professor(FGED)  Kulimova R. Yu.  in her speech said that the University makes a significant contribution to solving this problem by teaching students to design buildings with a view to create conditions for a barrier-free environment. KazGACA is one of the few universities that introduces the issues of development of inclusive education in the educational process. Our undergraduates and graduates actively shared their experiences and talked about their final works, which developed this theme.