Methodological Council

The Methodological Council of KazGASA coordinates the work of methodological support of educational programs of the Academy, promotes the quality of the higher professional education content in accordance with the requirements of the state educational standard of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan
The tasks of The Methodological Council of KazGASA
        The tasks of the Academy Methodological Council are the followings:
  • methodological support and maintenance of the state mandatory standards of higher professional education;
  • interrelations and coordination implementation of methodological work of the departments conducting specialists training in the areas of "Architecture", "Design", "Construction", "Engineering systems and networks", "Woodwork and wood products (by application) technology", "Production of building materials, products and structures", "Geodesy and cartography", "Economy and management in construction", "Economics", "Cadastre";
  •  development of comprehensive educational programs for methodological support of its variability involving education representatives and employers taking into account the needs of the labour market;
  •  monitoring the availability of disciplines with educational and methodological packages and related materials;
  • recommendations development on planning and organizing principles of the educational process, dissemination of the best practices, innovative learning technologies development and implementation;
  • organization and planning of decision-making procedures on recommendations for the publication of textbooks, manuals and guidelines in the direction of educational programs (EP).
SC Director
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Chairman of the MC
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Executive Secretary of the EMD
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