Mission and academic policy

IEC mission - generate and implement the best global educational standards and technologies into national educational system based on integration of education, science and production.

To prepare leading professionals focused on leadership and industrial innovative development of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The IEC trains specialists in higher and postgraduate education programs (bachelor's, master's, and doctorate) in credit technology of training. Much attention is paid to the student-centered approach to learning, based on the development of students' abilities for self-expression and self-education through a free choice of academic disciplines and educational trajectories, while taking into account the system of organization of the educational process, the volume and quality of knowledge obtained.The IEC academic policy defines a system of measures, rules and procedures for planning and managing educational activities and effective organization of the educational process, aimed at implementing the state program for the development of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.The academic policy is based on the principles of respect for the student's personality, teacher status, academic freedoms, tolerance, mutual respect, and transparency of the educational process.The academic policy takes into account and promotes the principles of academic integrity. the policy regulates the commitment of the university and all stakeholders to the principles of academic integrity in the educational, scientific, methodological, and practical activities of higher education institutions.