Scientific and research work

Participation in MES competitions, results:
MES RK "Best University teacher-2019" - G. B. Kashaganova

Participation in national, regional, city competitions, festivals, exhibitions, results:
On December 24-25, 2019, Professor of KAU Dzhandarbek B. A. participated in the IX international conference dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Civil code of the Russian Federation, as well as the 20th anniversary of the Council under the President of the Russian Federation on codification and improvement of civil legislation on the topic: "Civil law of Russia. Result of year». Baurzhan Abylkasymovich made a report on the topic: "Legal education: develop new standards". He was the only invited Kazakh who performed at one of Russia's important High-level events.

Baimukhanova S. B., Issyk-Kul forum of accountants and auditors of Central Asia-Certificate 2019

Obtaining patents, pre-patents and positive decisions for electoral activities:
Rysalieva A. E., PhD, the certificate of authorship on a scientific publication No. 9430 from 24.04.2020.

Work in the Dissertation Council in Kazakhstan and abroad:
Nurseit N. And. (D. E. n) - Participated in the Dissertation Council KazNTU project management


Baimukhanova S. B.-Monograph "Theoretical and methodological issues of labor market modernization in Kazakhstan", "Kazakh University" 2019, 77 p.

Publishing activity
1. Scientific journal "Transactions of KAU" # 1 (43) 2019; # 2 (44) 2019, # 3,4 (45/46) 2019, # 1 (47) 2020, # 2 (48) 2020
2. Collection of materials of the Republican scientific and practical conference of students and young scientists "Innovative knowledge in modern science and education of Kazakhstan", 2019
4. Collection of materials of the August scientific conference Scientific achievements "State of the Art" 2019
- Dzhumalieva A. A. - " Methodological guide for the preparation of SRS and SRSP in the discipline "Advocacy"", Almaty, 34 p.
- Mirzalieva S. S. - textbook "Global economy and international economic relations", Almaty, IOC 100 p.