Scientific laboratory complex

The scientific and laboratory complex (SLC) consists of 11 scientific and specialized laboratories and an architectural bureau.
Functions of the Scientific and Laboratory Complex:
- planning and coordination of research, design and certification activities of the SLC;
- participation in national and international grants and programs for conducting research, monitoring the results of research projects and programs;
- design and certification and test work of various levels in the main scientific and production areas;
- commercialization of the results of scientific research and development work;
- attraction and search of potential customers for conducting joint research programs;
- Rendering consulting services on registration of applications for obtaining a preliminary patent of the Republic of Kazakhstan for an invention;
- development of regulatory and technical documentation.
Areas of research and development conducted at SLC:
- inspection of the technical condition of buildings and structures;
- physical and mechanical tests of building materials and products;
- earthquake resistance of buildings and structures;
- binders and concrete;
- geotechnics in construction;
- study of the technological properties of building materials;
- experimental modeling of earthquakes;
 - geographic information mapping;
- BIM –design;
- architectural and innovative solutions in the field of design and modeling of buildings and structures, architecture of small forms;
- modern management, development of budget documentation for construction work using digital technology.
The scientific and laboratory complex includes:
1. Laboratory " Physical and mechanical testing of building materials and products.
2. Laboratory "Binders and concretes".
3. Laboratory "Research of technological properties of building materials".
4. Laboratory "welding and diagnostics of metal structures and their connections".
5. Laboratory "Inspection of the technical condition of buildings and structures".
6. Laboratory "earthquake Resistance of buildings and structures".
7. Laboratory "geotechnics in construction".
8. Laboratory "Experimental modeling of earthquakes".