Science and Innovation

The Scientific center is a structural division of the International Educational Corporation and is guided in its activities by the legislative and regulatory acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of education and science, the Indicative and long-term development plan of the IEC, the decisions of the IEC Academic Council.

The main activity of the Scientific center is to promote

- comprehensive development of research and production activities;

- the fullest use of the scientific and intellectual potential of the IEC;

- organization of innovation activities;

- implementation of educational programs and strengthening of international cooperation in the field of research and development;

- implementation of research and development results in production and educational process;

- organizing and conducting scientific events at the national and international levels.

Acting Director of the Scientific center

Neila E. Bekturganova
candidate of Chemical Sciences, associate professor


tel.: 8(727)220-81-03, 1179