Preparatory courses

Improving the level of knowledge of students in general and specialized disciplines, which are determined by the entrance exams to the International Educational Corporation (IEC).
Preparatory courses (PCs) have been operating since 2001. The student of the preparatory courses receives extended and in-depth knowledge of the disciplines in accordance with the approved programs.
The purpose of the PC is to increase the level of knowledge of students in general and specialized disciplines, which determined the entrance exams to the International Educational Corporation (IEC).
The tasks of the PC include preparing for creative exams in two subjects “Drawing” and “Drawing”, in specialized / non-specialized subjects of UNT, in English for passing TOEFL / IELTS exams and computer literacy.
The standard duration of study on the job from study or work is 12 weeks. The educational process of the PC is carried out as a group of students is completed (at least 15 people) and is organized in two streams of 12 weeks each. Applications are accepted from September to May.
Requirements for admission to preparatory courses. All persons without exception who have higher or secondary education, students of colleges, gymnasiums, and grades 9–11 of the secondary school are admitted to preparatory courses. After completing the PC, the student must have a sufficient amount of knowledge in the studied disciplines for admission to the IEC.
Volume of study load and time budget. Training for students of preparatory courses is carried out according to the curriculum, which consists of two blocks: general education and special disciplines, according to which entrance examinations to the IEC are established. As general educational disciplines, the curriculum includes: Kazakh (Russian) language and English, History of Kazakhstan, Mathematics, Physics, Geography, Computer Science. As special disciplines: Drawing, Drawing.
A special place in training on a PC is given to deepening the knowledge of students in special disciplines. Classes are held in the afternoon for 2-3 hours a day.
At the end of the course, students take exams in the form of comprehensive testing.
You can familiarize yourself with the training programs in the section About the IEC -> Institute for Innovation and Additional Education -> Professional and Preparatory Courses
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