Professional and Preparatory Courses

Professional continuing education and retraining courses are held on the basis of the Republican Center for Qualification Upgrade of Personnel in the Architecture and Construction Branch (RC PKKASO), which is an educational, structural unit of the Institute of Innovation and Additional Education of KazGASA and is intended for advanced training and retraining of employees of the architectural and construction industry, providing training personnel for licensed specialties of the International Educational Corporation for the acquisition of citizens to acquire new professional knowledge and skills, professions and specialties in accordance with the growing requirements of the labor market and scientific and technological progress, as well as to meet the individual needs of the individual to improve their professional training.
The list of full-time and distance training courses in the areas
  • Architecture of residential and public buildings
1. BIM design (computer programs for design - AutoCAD, 3DMax, ArchiCAD, Revit Architecture, Tekla)
2. Restoration and reconstruction of buildings and structures, architectural monuments
3. "Green" architecture, actual problems of landscape architecture
4. Innovative residential areas and massifs
  • Urban planning
1. General plan and urgent problems of urban development
2. Designing a general plan using computer programs
  • Design
1. Interior Design
2. Graphic Design
  • Construction
1. Calculation of building structures using BIM technology (Lira-SAPR, Revit Construction)
2. Construction using Eurocodes 2012-2017
3. Project management in construction (construction management + MS Project)
4. The operation of buildings and structures, the management of residential and non-residential real estate
5. Innovative construction technologies, overhaul design
6. Construction and technical examination of the condition of buildings and structures
7. Organization of budgeting in PC ABC, SANA
8. Technology and organization of quality control of construction and installation works
  • Engineering systems and networks
1. Problems of energy and heat conservation in engineering systems and networks
2. Construction safety and quality of engineering systems and networks
3. Innovative devices of water supply, sewage and other water supply and sanitation systems
  • Surveying
1. Geodetic works in construction using new technologies
2. Development of thematic maps in the ArcGIS program
Courses are organized with a duration of 36 and 72 hours.
The cost of training depends on the volume of hours and the type of applications (individual or corporate).
Students are provided with souvenirs and handouts provided for by the curriculum. At the end of the course, students will receive certificates.
Course date: every Monday from the time of application
The Institute of Innovation and Additional Education of KazGASA offers full-time and distance forms of preparation for entrance exams.
Training areas
  • Basic course for the mandatory creative exam
1. Preparatory courses "Drawing and Drawing" for applicants to the academy and college
  • Deepening and improving the skills of writing creative works (essays), preparing video material, journal articles in the media
1. Preparatory courses for applicants for the specialty "Journalism"
  • Deepening and improving knowledge of the discipline, testing, preparation for UNT / KTA
1. Functional reading literacy. Kazakh language (grade 11)
2. Functional reading literacy. Russian language (grade 11)
3. History of Kazakhstan
4. Mathematical literacy
5. Physics
6. Geography
7. Kazakh language (9th grade)
8. Russian language (9th grade)
9. English for everyone
  • Preparation for creative exams through a distance course for students in grades 9-11
1. Correspondent online courses
  • Courses for applicants for master's and doctoral studies
1. English to prepare for the TOEFL / IELTS exams
2. Preparation for comprehensive testing for applicants to the magistracy of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Courses are organized with a duration of 24 and 36 hours.
The cost of training depends on the volume of hours and the number of students in the group.
It is necessary to submit an application via e-mail. Email  or
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