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Dear colleagues,

The International Educational Corporation invites you to participate in the International Scientific and Practical Conference "Modern Trends in Architecture and Construction: Energy Efficiency, Energy Saving, BIM Technologies, Urban Environment Issues" on May 27-28, 2020.

We invite the scholars /scientists / engineers/ researchers / practitioners / students to join with us and share the new innovative trends in their respective field. This common platform is expected to provide the bases for joint venture among different fields to serve the society in a better way.

The conference plans to work in the following areas:
1.Actual issues of architecture and urban planning;
2. Problems and prospects for the development of the construction industry: design, construction and operation of buildings and structures;
3. Energy-efficient technologies and products in green construction;
4. Energy conservation in the housing sector - design, construction, operation;
5. Inclusive education;
6. Innovative education and research activities;

7. Problems of Architecture and Civil Engineering Education.

Conference working languages: Kazakh, Russian, English.
         To participate in the conference, it is necessary to provide the following materials in electronic form to the organizing committee by May 23, 2020 by e-mail:,  

1. Application form (attached);
2. Theses of the report (article);
Conference proceedings will be published in the collection of scientific papers. Responsibility for the content of the article lies with the author. Articles should be fully edited by the author.


(unchanged conditions )

Schedule of speeches:
Plenary talks - 10-12 minutes
In breakout sessions - 5-7 minutes

Report Requirements:

1. Scientific work should be formalized as follows:

- UDC index (non-bold). Simultaneously with UDC, it is necessary to indicate the code of IRSTI (Interstate Rubricator of Scientific and Technical Information);

- design of headline data:

- name, surname;

- 1Place of author’s work (authors’) (see sample)

- Annotation in the language of article. It should contain a summary of the main results of research (in italics, no more than 8 lines, justified alignment).

- Keywords

2. Text of article:

- page format - A4, book orientation. Margins - 2 cm on all sides;

New Roman, color-black font, size-14 points, line spacing – single.

3. Text formatting: such actions on text as new paragraph, centering, indentation, hyphenation

and tracking of interval are prohibited.

4. It is possible to use only vertical tables and figures. The drawings that are filled in colors are forbidden. All objects should be in black and white, with no shades. Images of high quality must be given for publication. The picture format should provide clarity of transmission of all details (the minimum size of picture – 90-120 mm, the maximum – 130-200 mm).  Illustrations and tables are numbered if their number is more than one. All formulas should be created using the Microsoft Equation component or in the form of clear pictures.

5. The list of references under the headline "Literature" is located at the end of article (lowercase

letters, non-bold, left alignment). In case of making a list of references, we have to specify all the

elements of bibliographic description (author’s name, title of material, source, city, year, number and source page is necessary).

6. In the text, references are numbered in square brackets. Unpublished works and textbooks are not included in the list of references. The author is responsible for the correctness of the data given in the list of references.

The organizing committee reserves the right not to include in the collection materials submitted

later than the deadline or not complying with the requirements. Manuscripts are not returned.


UDC 904(574)

E. M. Baytenov1, D.Turgenbayev2, A. S. Espenbet3

1,3Kazakh Leading Academy of architecture and civil engineering,

2SNNP "Altyn-Emel»


Annotation. The purpose of this article is to provide information about ongoing research with coverage of preliminary results. The characteristic of petroglyphs, indented on the rocks and sacrificial altars in the region of Sholaktau ridge. The study of cultural heritage, interpretation and popularization of rock art will make it possible to fully use historical and cultural potential of natural park "Altyn Emel" in landscape and local history tourism.

Key words: petroglyph, sacrificial altars, saki tribes, sacral place, rock art.

    Text.………………………………………………… .


1. E. M. Baitenov, G. A. Isabaev, A. S. Espenbet, M. M. Baitenov, Symbols, signs and inscriptions in Taigak gorge of Sholaktau ridge. //Bulletin of KazGASA, 2016, №3(61). - p. 23-27.


Application for participation in the conference:


Section Name: _________________________




Middle name: _____________________________

University, specialty: _____________________


Contact phone numbers:__________________

e-mail: _________________________________

Participation in the conference (underline as appropriate):

Presentation;   poster presentation; distance participation (publication)

 Report Requirements:

Please send the materials to the address (or in electronic form):
Republic of Kazakhstan, 050043, Almaty, Ryskulbekov street, 28, International educational corporation (KazGASA), office 207.
Contact phone numbers: 87018034353 Аbilova Batzhamal Aikenovna.

                                              87077156076 Bekturganova Neila

The cost of publishing 1 article in the collection is 5000 tenge.

Payment details:

JSC "International Educational Corporation"

Address: 050043, Almaty, st. Toraigyrova, 29

BIN: 090540001011

RNN: 600400574655

IIC: KZ 068560000000383423

in the AGF BankCenterCredit JSC, Almaty


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