Special awards "scholarships"

The special scholarship "Scholarships" (hereinafter referred to as the special scholarship) is awarded to the most gifted undergraduates, students, and students at the IEC.

Dear students, accepting applications for a special scholarship "Scholarships" from 15.05-15.06.2020
It is extremely important to sign in the corner of each document (on all attached documents) who you are (me, mom, dad, sister, brother, etc.)
You must fill out the application form (see the sample), sign and date it, send a scan of the application, and attach the scan. options for all documents, then send them to your faculty's email address:
Department of Arcrehitecture: diana95.a-z@mail.ru
Department Of Design: ruskull@list.rh
Department of Construction: makulbayeva@mail.ru
Department of Construction Technologies and Management: balgn_2008@mail.ru
DEL, DLAGS, DAS: funtikvika@mail.ru
An incomplete list of documents sent is automatically canceled.
If you have any questions, please call: 2208082