Methodological work

Teaching staff of the faculty is working to systematize and improve the educational and methodological complex in the disciplines of the faculty. Every year, the faculty staff provides full educational and methodological support for the disciplines of the faculty, maps of methodological support, a Bank of test tasks, exam questions, developed materials for ratings, active handouts, materials for classes in Power-Point, educational and methodological literature. Once a month, the teaching staff conducts a methodical seminar on sections where modern educational technologies and teaching methods are discussed, which increase the assimilation of educational material by students. At the methodological seminar, teachers share their experience. Current topics of seminars and described training technologies are recommended for publication and use in the educational process.

According to the approved schedule, video presentations of training sessions in the faculty's disciplines are held in each semester. Video presentations of open classes are analyzed and discussed.

The main objectives of the methodological work are:

- improving the organization of the educational process, optimizing the content of the discipline, activating educational and cognitive activities;
- staffing of umkd in social and humanitarian disciplines (TUP, RP, CMOS, arm-s, materials of classes in Power-Point, a list of educational and methodological literature, materials for knowledge control).
Functions of the scientific and methodological Council of the faculty and the work of the faculty:
- methods of conducting all types of training sessions are being improved;
- analyzes and summarizes the pedagogical experience of leading faculty teachers;
- information technologies of training are introduced into the educational process and modern technical means of training are used;
- textbooks, textbooks and e-books are discussed and recommended for publication.

Teaching staff of the UNIVERSITY is trained in new professional development programs on the basis Of the center of pedagogical excellence "Orleu" and its branches, as well as leading universities in the country and abroad.

Experienced teachers are mentors of young teachers and attend classes in order to provide methodological assistance in their professional development, as well as in the formation of high-quality personnel of the faculty and conducting lectures, seminars and practical classes, as well as SRS and SRSP. In order to provide methodological support for training of specialists, teachers of the faculty annually publish textbooks, educational and methodological manuals, as well as educational and methodological developments on the implementation of practical (laboratory) classes, SRS and SRSP, which provide invaluable assistance in optimizing the educational process.

Issues related to the activity of the faculty's methodological Council are considered, discussed and approved at meetings of the faculty's Methodological Council.