Educational and Methodical Association

Educational and methodological association in the field of Architectural-Construction and Design profiles Republican Educational and Methodological Council of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan
To date, the EMA consists of 41 Universities, specialty training/ educational programs "Architecture" is conducted in 9 Universities in the specialty "Design" – a 30, on specialty "Construction" at 23, on a speciality "PSMIK" – 12, majoring in "Engineering systems and networks", 4, specialty "Transport construction", 6, on specialty "Geodesy and cartography" – in 8, on a speciality "Cadastre" – 10, on specialty "Land management" 11 and with a degree of "TWW" – 2-H.
Executive Secretary of the EMA
+7(727) 220-80-49 (ex. 1012, 1019)
8800 070 1056; 355-10-56