Visa and Registration

According to the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan every foreign citizen and stateless person at the entrance to the Republic of Kazakhstan must receive and fill out a migration card. The migration card is filled out personally by a foreign citizen - legibly, without corrections in Russian. In a foreign citizen does not speak Russian, it is allowed to fill  with letters of the Latin alphabet in accordance with the data specified in the passport or other identification document. A migration card is filled out for every foreign citizen regardless of age. In the paragraph "Purpose of arrival in the Republic of Kazakhstan" you must specify: study.
1. A foreign citizen can enter Kazakhstan and  study at IEC only with a student visa. The invitation is issued in advance by the international department of IEC. The deadline for submitting the necessary documents is no later than 45 days before the intended entry into the country.
2. A foreign student of IEC must be registered within five days after arrival in Kazakhstan.
3. To extend the registration a foreign student must contact the International Department 5 days before the deadline (if registration ends September 01, the student must apply on August 25).
4. Within 1 day from the moment of crossing the border of the Republic of Kazakhstan a foreign student must contact the International Department and provide the following documents:
a) National passport;
b) A migration card with a mark on the border crossing;
7. When leaving the Republic of Kazakhstan during the academic year the student must submit an application to the international department of KazGASA with the justification of the reason for leaving during school hours and permission of the dean.
Foreign students are not entitled to carry out labor activities in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. According to the Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan on administrative offenses, untimely appeal of a foreign citizen regarding registration with a migration account is an administrative offense and is subject to a fine. In case of loss of documents, please immediately inform the staff of the International Department.