Extra curricular work

KazGASA at FourE festival

FourE is an international open-air festival. From year to year he gathers thousands of people in the most picturesque places near Almaty. In the name of the festival lies its unique philosophy. FourE stands for "four E": ETHNO, ECO, EVO, EMO.

Festival FourE was held August 17-19, 2018 in the equestrian sports complex "Almaty Horse & Polo Club". This is more than 10 main and 20 additional sites: the main stage, chill out space - SUN CHILL - for fans of electronic music, EVO dance floor, EVO FITNESS, Business ground and Art zone.

Teachers and students of the faculty "Design" of KazGASA began to actively go to the site since August 1, some stayed there for several days to help in the construction of the festival. We organized a separate creative area of "KazGASA" on the Art Zone, where you could try your hand at design, interior organization, creating mock-ups. On August 18 and 19 the playground was especially popular among both adults and children. Particularly interesting were the creation of interiors, as well as prototyping from cardboard.

Visitors, unlimited in scope, made from cardboard a lot of different objects: a building, a huge robot, an airplane, a car, cartoon characters, a boat, a giraffe and many others. On the playground there was an incredible atmosphere of kindness, fun and creativity. Everyone who was on the site helped each other develop ideas, create figures and decorate them. Upon completion of the work, a parade began, in which teachers, students and creators of mock-ups participated. The parade was held throughout the festival grounds and was completed on the EVO DANCE site with a large presentation of objects, dancing and turned into a Holi festival. After that, the other visitors of FourE approached the cardboard figures and were photographed with them, and also promised to come to our site the next year.

The FourE festival was very good, everyone was very happy with these 3 days, which will forever remain in your memory as days when people are free from stereotypes, everyday routine and everyone is just happy. Students and teachers of the faculty "Design" of the Kazakh Head Architectural and Construction Academy were also very pleased, all were awarded with FourE certificates, pleasant memories, vivid emotions, and a desire to return to the festival the following year.

Design Department is actively involved in public life of the corporation. Traditionally we participate in the following events such as KVN (cheerful and resourceful club), Queen of IEC (Beauty Contest), spring at IEC (social event), Nauryz (national holiday), New Year, International Women’s Day, Sport Events etc.

Every year our Department students participate in KVN, winners of the competition represent team in city. Our team two times became vice-champions of the Republic of Kazakhstan also the team is the owner of various Cups, participants of the International Festival in Sochi.

Design Department KVN team took 3rd place in the charity KVN at Kazakh national Medical University.

Department has extensive connections with many universities and organization in abroad, every year with partner universities our students and teachers organizes master classes. At the Department hosts exhibitions and competitions of student course and diploma projects. The best student’s works demonstrates in national and international competitions. We organize meetings with prominent scientists, public figures, heads of large companies, art organizations, etc. Advisors with students actively visit theaters, exhibitions, museums and other attractions in Almaty.
Department regularly conduct Olympiad on major among other universities and Olympiad for school students.
In 2014-2015 academic year the winners of the contest became:

  • "Student of the Year" - Moldashev Madina
  • "Best Student Dean" - Zhantiles Akerke

Every year students of the Design Department participates in the Republican competition for scholarships "Foundation of the First President of Kazakhstan ".
The scholars of the Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Leader of the Nation:

  • 2013-2014 academic year - Julia Kim
  • 2014-2015 academic year - Burbekova Zhansaya

Under the leadership of the famous Kazakh designer N.N. Turekhanova students annually participate in the festival of design "White Autumn".