Extra curricular work

Election of the Student Dean of FСTIM

On January 29, the elections of the student dean were held within the walls of our faculty. Candidates familiarized students with their development programs, and after all, voters had only to make a choice. It was a vote in which absolutely all students of our faculty participated. Voting took place in the presence of the commission and video recording The results were announced the next day. Student dean was appointed Zhumagazyuly ​​Kuanysh.

Visit to the orphanage FSTIM

On February 3, 2020 y., on the initiative of the dean’s office, CTIM faculty visited one of the children's homes in Almaty. This was the first event organized by the new deputy dean Orynbasarova E.O., student dean Zhumangazy Kuanysh and deputy student dean Edilova Zhanel. The purpose of this extracurricular event was to educate students about the future of our country, a sense of kindness and mercy, and care for those in need. The collection of assistance in the form of cash, toys and sweets was organized among the faculty staff, and additional funds were also raised. Among those wishing to provide financial assistance were a lot of students.

Election of the chairman of the  academy student committee

On February 18, elections were held for the Chairperson of the Student Youth Committee, where 4 candidates from each faculty participated: FCTIM, FA, FD and Faculty of General Construction

The number of voters was 140, including professorship and administration. As a result of the general vote, with a score of 59 votes, Temirlan Koshbaev, 2nd-year activist of the CTIM faculty, Chairman of the “Volunteer League” at KazGASA became the winner.