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The Tourism study program aims at training service professionals who can successfully carry out professional activities, navigate the large tourism and socio-cultural sectors of the economy, and who are able to react quickly to market trends and consumer demands, who have the ability and understanding of work, interconnection and organizing all aspects of the tourism market.

Tuition fees — from 590 000 KZT


What will you learn?
Professional competencies
  • Carry out project activities (create a tourism product, design tours, excursion programs, etc.)
  • Carry out production and technological activities (use modern technologies in the development and sale of a tourist product)
  • Engage in organizational and managerial activities (development of managerial decisions, work with performers at tourist sites and organizations, calculation and analysis of costs for organizing tourism activities)
  • Carry out service activities (tourist services in accordance with accepted standards and norms, regulatory documents of the organization, management of tourist services, research and monitoring of the tourist services market, the use of innovative technologies in the activities of organizations in the tourism industry)
Career opportunities
  • head of the tourist group
  • head of travel agency
  • travel consultant
  • travel agent
  • employee / head of the tourism department in local executive authorities
  • tourist escort specialist
  • tourist insurance consultant
  • tourist safety specialist
  • head of the tourist group
  • manager for international and domestic tourism
  • tourist service specialist
  • organizer of trips
  • guide-translator
  • tourism expert
  • health tourism instructor

How to enroll in this educational program?

Take the UNT, the elective subjects Geography and Foreign Language
Submit documents to the IEC admissions office
Request for a free consultation
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