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Acceptance of applications for training at the korkyt Ata Kyzylorda University (Kyzylorda) has begun

Within the framework of academic mobility, applications for training at the Korkyt Ata Kyzylorda University (Kyzylorda) have been accepted in the spring semester of 2023.

Оқу️training is free on the basis of an agreement between universities. The student pays for travel, accommodation and meals himself.

Applications are accepted according to the following training programs:
* Design;
* Construction;
* Production of building materials, products and structures;
* Cadastre;
* Journalism;
* Translation Studies;
* Tourism;
* Accounting and audit;
* Finance;
* Economy;
* Jurisprudence.

Қажетті list of required documents:
* Transcript;
* Student's questionnaire on academic mobility.

Құжаттар documents are accepted until December 23, 2022.
Electronic PDF version of all documents inter.dep@kazgasa.kz send it to the mail.

For all questions, you can contact the International Office (CAU, 401).😉