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KazGASA College - winners of the contest "STUDVESNA 2022"


We have hosted the final of the STUDENT SPRING contest, which everyone will remember for a long time!

6 teams appeared in front of the audience and members of the jury with 6 powerful performances, where each team gave 100%!

The performances were of different directions and themes: anime, movie comics, fantasy, horror, action and science fiction. The theme of the participating teams was chosen by drawing lots.

The guys developed a script, put on a show: dances, songs and performed in front of the audience. The audience and the jury members were delighted: the guys exceeded all expectations.

Of course, all the teams were awarded with the following nominations:
"Best Script" - FGS
"The Best soundtrack" - FA
"Best Dances" - KazGASA College
"The best decoration" - FCTIM
"The best trailer" - KAU
"The best fans" - ACC

The best leader, actor and actress were also awarded:
"The best student Dean" - Kangeldi Abdurahim FCTIM
"Best Actress" - Karina Dyusekeneva KazGASA College
"Best Actor" - Naip Daniyar FA

And the best teams were awarded the main prizes and titles of winners and prize-winners of the competition:

1st place and a prize of 150,000 tenge – KazGASA College
2nd place and a prize of 100,000 tenge – FA
3rd place and a prize of 50,000 tenge – FCTIM

Congratulations to the guys on their excellent performances and winning the competition!