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Online meeting «Training in the USA under the “Bolashak” program”

Dear senior students, undergraduates and graduates of KazGASA!

On June 18, at 18: 00, We invite you to meet with the founder of Visa Travel Consulting Center, a specialist in admission to foreign universities under the «Bolashak» program, a graduate of Purdue University and a master's student in education at Boston University Zhorabekov Diaz.

Diaz will share his personal experience, unique cases that helped him pass the competitive selection for a bachelor's degree in the Bolashak program in the United States, and tell about the opportunities in the country.

June 18, 18: 00

The meeting will be held online on the ZOOM platform:
Conference ID: 241 356 3286
Conference Code: eduabroad

Share it with your friends and don't miss such a great opportunity! See you soon!