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The acceptance of resumes for participation in the competition of vacant positions of teaching staff is announced

LLP “International Educational Corporation" (IEC) announces the call for resumes to apply for vacancies for faculty academic teaching staff and equivalent positions for the academic year 2022-2023.

Individuals with specialized education and experience in the following areas are invited to participate:
1) Architecture
2) Design
3) Construction
4) Engineering systems and networks
5) Production of building materials and constructions
6) Geodesy
7) Technology of woodworking and wood products
8) Information systems

Candidate Requirements:
- Higher/postgraduate education;
- Candidate/Doctor of Science/Doctor of PhD/Doctor in the profile (candidates with higher professional education (specialty) and practical experience in the profile of the specialty not less than 5 years are also considered).
English proficiency and scientific publications in top-rated scientific journals are an advantage.
Specialists from the industry who wish to combine teaching activities with their main job are offered part-time employment options on a flexible schedule.

Candidates are selected in 2 parts:
1) consideration of resumes of interested candidates - from 18.04.2022 to 31.05.2022;
2) Interview with candidates and competitive selection - from 06.06.2022 to 30.06.2022.
Interested parties please send CV to a.sadykova@mok.kz. Working terms, payment, and, if necessary, assistance to out-of-town and foreign specialists in arranging their stay are agreed upon at the interview step.
For more information please contact the Director of the HR Department of the IEC Sadykova Assel Akhmetbekovna (+77010526101).